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Scryer's Band of Readers by Neale Scryer - Book
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STATS: Forwards from the pair of Doc's, The legendary Doc Shiels andDocc Hilford. Afterword: by Jon Stetson. Neal is honored beyond words to have these three icon's contributing towards this outstanding ground breaking project...

BIG SURPRISE! Keith Barry was kind enough to contribute one of his pieces in Band of Readers, which will also be featured in a forthcoming book - titled Riding the Hierophant. Riding The Hierophant will be collaboration from Doc Shiels and Keith Barry.

Check out Recent Postings about Readings and this forthcoming project!

"We all love magic and mentalism. I've worked in many venue's where they have multiple entertainers, and each time, the people gravitate towards the readers - especially the women.
- D. Mac - Reader East Coast Under ground Psychic Reader.

"The ability to give a reading is essential for any mentalist.This book covers the gamut."
- Ted Karmilovich

"I make a substantial part of my income doing readings. The best part of being a reader is helping people in a very real sense. Doing readings is a very rewarding activity for both the sitter AND the reader. Plus, you get to meet some really nice people."
- Tony Razzano

"A no-brainer for anyone who wishes to make a comfortable, full-time living doing readings...brought to you by the best in the business and tipping Neal Scryer's expert take on the subject, there's never been a book written like this one nor will there ever be again!"
- Jerome Finley

What Scryer and Friends was for the art of Mentalism - Scryer's Band of Readers will be for the art of Reading (in multiple ways). The book many in the industry is hoping will never be released - No Joke!

Anyone that has ever considered or thought about making the transition to giving readings, or who is already in that high earning specialty, would be wise to obtain a copy. Please note, this book will feature only reading materials. There is no mentalism, and no tricks.

Note: This is all professional reading from marketing to the real works. This book will contain contemplative, deliberate and weighty material.
Do not purchase this book unless you are either a:

1. Serious Reader
2. Are interested in either making the transition or learning about this art.

If you're tired for slechpping prop after prop to your gigs and want to find an alternative way to make income on the fly - this is for you!

Pages: 474 - 6" x 9" - Hardcover - Black and white photos

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 4th, 2014
Just received this in the mail today. First of all, wow, if you're serious about doing readings you will want this as a source. I haven't been able to read the whole book yet (hence the 4 stars instead of 5). At first, I was skeptical for many months about the Scryer books and on the fence on whether or not to return to the realm of doing "readings." Purchasing was put off until I was reminded how important readings are to the field of mentalism and of the opportunities for earning a decent income. While still skeptical, I decided to take a chance and get this. As I was flipping through the pages I came across Pablo's 'Psychotherapy and Readings.' Having studied a plethora of psychology/psychoanalysis/psychotherapy myself, Pablo's piece has definitely given me the confidence to incorporate this learning into doing readings. Also...I came across 'sticks' by Juan, which isn't exactly my style, however, (like much in mentalism) with a little imagination this can definitely be tailored to fit your persona. The very first thing I flipped to was the cologne reading passage -- with a big smile on my face I said to myself "holy cow."

Long story short, if you're hesitant to buy this...Let me put it this way: As a skeptic of Scryer material, I feel I've gotten my money's worth from simply skimming the book. Reading some reviews made me uneasy, but I will definitely be picking up Scryer & Friends next! This did not disappoint. I realize this is quite a chunk of money, but you will earn it back and this book will give you the confidence to do it! Buy it before you can't.
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