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The Dominoes (DVD and Gimmicks) by Mayette Magie Moderne - DVD
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The return of a great Close-up classic

For if we are the oldest Magic shop in the world (it is now more than two centuries since the shop was first opened in 1808!), it was under the management of André Mayette between 1933 and 1965, and thanks to his outstanding abilities, energy and the irreproachable quality of the material that he sold, that the quality of the "Mayette" name has been so successful since the 30s.

The equipment:
This set of Dominoes was manufactured to our specification for this trick. They are identical replicas to the famous Dominoes that André Mayette used to sell.

The Basic routine:
The basic effect is perfectly laid out by Dominique Duvivier in the explanatory DVD: The Magician shows four dominoes, two double 2's and two double 5's, which he moves around in a perplexing manner from one place to another. And, of course, you can let your audience inspect the dominoes.

The Bonus:
They are presented to you here by Dominique Duvivier and Quoc Tien Tran.
With a wide variety of effects, they will allow you to get the best out of your equipment with four additional and amazingly effective routines.

of the routines are very simple to do; they will be an impressive extra tool for your magical repertoire.

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 27th, 2014
The materials (4 dominoes & 1 gimmicked domino)and the production of the DVD are up to Duvivier's usual high standards. You can select French or an English translation. With just a little practice and some showmanship, you will have several good tricks for different situations. Duvivier, his wife, and a magician I do not recognize are very clear in teaching the effects. Two of which are not readily portable and require props that are not provided. However, the props are readily available at discount stores and, in any case, these two effects are the least impressive of the lot. Most of the handlings are quite standard, being adapted from easy and well-known card slights and domino stacking but, as usual, Duvivier often adds a little twist that can throw even a knowledgeable spectator off the mark. The only effect that drags is "The Prediction" because it requires setting out a full suite of normal dominoes (minus one) in standard Domino-play fashion, a lengthy and non-magical task that is likely to bore spectators. Indeed, they sped up the video for that portion to avoid boring the viewer! I like Duvivier's magic but refrained from 5 stars because the very first effect is best performed with TWO sets of dominoes (one of 4 normal dominoes and 1 gimmicked domino and the other set of four matching normal dominoes). The problem is that only ONE set of 5 is provided in the pack. To do the first trick (which is the best of the 6), you have to buy another whole trick, which makes doing that effect very pricey indeed. As far as I know, Duvivier does not make a second set of 4 normal dominoes available at a reduced price for those who purchased the trick unawares (just 4 because you don't need two gimmicked dominoes). I hope he will consider rectifying this problem and marketing a set of 4 matching normal dominoes at a reasonable price.
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