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Live From The Living Room 3-DVD Set starring Christopher T. Magician - DVD
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A companion DVD to BEYOND Look, Don't See, Christopher T.'s LIVE from the LIVING ROOM is a one-stop resource for kid show magic and inspiration!


Christopher T. Magician is consistently one of the top children's entertainers in the New York and New Jersey areas. A graduate of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and BMI's very exclusive musical theatre songwriting program, Christopher is in a level and class all his own. An experienced kid show specialist who takes his magic, comedy, and goofing around very seriously!

As a follow-up to his remarkable book, BEYOND Look, Don't See: Furthering the Art of Children's Magic, Christopher T. Magician presents, LIVE from the LIVING ROOM, a companion 3-DVD set that delivers a one-stop shop and resource for kid show magic education, inspiration, and even (quite a bit of) perspiration.

Christopher T. Magician has wowed and transformed HUNDREDS of magicians around the world with his entertaining, hysterical, and educational YouTube series, CHRISTOPHER T. MAGICIAN PRESENTS!

The DVD set features over FIVE HOURS of never before seen footage and is divided into separate sections including, The Show, The Secrets, Bits of Show Business, and Magician Control, with each section providing detailed commentary and examples of delivering a well-plotted show in real time. The end result is a group of 7 to 9 year-olds rolling on the floor with laughter.

The Show does not feature a collection of "best of" clips, but a LIVE show presented from start-to-finish, so you'll see Christopher T. in action interacting with children and seeing his Magician Control techniques in action.

Every detail of the show is explained to a "T" in The Secrets portion of the DVD and in Bits of Show Business Christopher provides a fresh system for transforming your 'string-of-tricks' type magic show into an all-out satisfying piece of magical theatre.

And finally, in Magician Control his discussion of kid control attempts to change the way magicians think about controlling children. His techniques will leave kids following your EVERY 'command' without ever giving a SINGLE order.

Remember, you're getting over FIVE HOURS of never-before-seen footage and learning the methods of some of Christopher T. Magician's favorite routines developed over a decade of performing in living rooms in and around New York City.

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Beware the 3rd Disk Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 26th, 2015
Hadn't planned on becoming a children's magician, but my grandmonkeys and their friends had different ideas. Fortunately, most of what Richard Osterlind worked just fine with kids. Then I found David Ginn's works and really became popular. And Silly Billy showed us how to go right over the top.

Now, I think I would add Christopher T. Magician to those masters. Though he spends a goodly amount of time teaching the methods, his real focus is on what the kids want: They want to laugh! They want to feel a part of the show! And they want to believe that they're not fooled! You'll see great responses to "I Know How You Did That" in his show - and he does present his entire show. (Disk One) He even uses a very effective cartoon voice for himself.

Disk Two is "the secrets" which includes the methods of the tricks and the methods of presentation. And a clever and kid-friendly force that can be quite funny.

Disk Three doesn't work, returning the dreaded "DISC ERROR" and a blue screen. *sigh* It's always something. As long as we have to deal with the post office, there are going to be bad or ruined DVDs arriving on our doorsteps.

Penguin was closed for the weekend by the time I got to Disk Three, so I'll just be sitting in the corner singing the "Stubby Index Song" until Monday morning.

Meantime, I think I'll watch Disk One again. I may be over 60, but CTM makes me feel like a kid again!
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Very Happy Customer Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 3rd, 2018
Christopher put a lot of thought and hard work into making this. And it really paid off. Disk 1: The LIVE 1 HOUR SHOW where you will see the real Christopher T Magician in action also seeing how all the kids react and how Christoper reacts with them using his MAGICIAN CONTROL. The Live DVD (Disk 1 is so could that it could of selling as a stand alone. Next is disk 2. This is the part where Christopher reveals all the SECRETS of the magic tricks. Again, presented very nicely from the audience and the magicians point of view. And onto the final disk. Disk 3. This DVD is the best. He give you I believe 20 in detail description on how to control kids using his Magician Control. All clever tricks (no pun intended) to get the childfen to behaved so it's enjoyable for everything that is watching. That's just the tip of the Magician Control tips. And lastly Christopher going into Bits of Show Business. He breaks it all down in fine detail charts on how to make just a random string of tricks into a full magic show. I personally got out my refill pad and pen for this and sat there taking notes like I was in school. So I would gladly say I'm very happy with this product by Christopher T Magicoan. Highly recommended. And it doesn't matter if you're an experienced kids magician. You will learn from this too.
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