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Trick Soup (2 DVD Set) by Gary Jones and Chris Congreave - DVD
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Trick Soup with Gary Jones and Chris Congreave. Double disk DVD!

Gary Jones and Chris Congreave (Automata) return to Full 52 with Trick Soup! A double DVD set featuring FIFTEEN practical, professional-grade close-up routines for workers in the REAL WORLD!

If you've ever wondered what type of material fills the repertoires of busy, full-time working professionals -- look no further! This project was specifically designed to cut through the pipe-dreams and 'magic for magicians' and get right down to the nitty-gritty effects. These are the ones that have allowed these two pro's to make their living in the game for more years than either of them might care to mention! Marvel at the misdirection, be tricked by the technique and stunned by the sleight of hand!

This double DVD box set may well be all you'll ever need to make a living in the real world of professional close-up magic!

Back Palm Thank You Mam!
- Jones at his finest. It's going straight into your repertoire!
Over-drawn - Chris's super-commercial bill switch routine that instantly re-sets!
Pro C.U.B - Gary Jones's professional 'Card Under Box' will leave your jaw on the floor!
Win a Watch - Gary's card under watch routine - funny and practical!
Coins Across - Chris offers his own take on this table-hopping classic!
Interlace - Gary's version of this card classic WILL FOOL YOU!
Jazz Routine - Chris's non-stop, fast and furious 'jazz' routine!

Not Chosen
- You'll be making up this 'one-trick-deck' of Gary's for sure!
Joke Box - Chris's 'under the box' transpo - in THEIR hands!
No Sleep - Gary's lightning fast 'four-for-one' transpo is a SHOW STOPPER!
Most Likely - Chris presents a KILLER card-to-pocket transpo!
Twenty One Again - Gary's 'thought-of-card-to-pocket'... with a surprise ending!
Sign Post - Chris's impromptu 'Anniversary Waltz' is as smart as they come!
Blackjack Surprise - Chris's commercial Blackjack routine with a 'card-to-wallet' finale!
Solidified - Gary's 'solid deck' routine will leave you IN AWE! It's almost TOO MUCH MAGIC!

As you can see from the above, there are marvelous ingredients in this package. Trick Soup -- you'll love it!

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Weird Title, but its a Goldmine... Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 27th, 2017
No seriously, it is. These tricks are PERFECT for the strolling performer of working performer. This intends to be a very through, yet honest review.

Summary: Well chosen effects, more than half of them CAN be done purely strolling and in the hands of the spectator, NO TABLE. Until you are a working performer or worked every condition, lets just say these routines are worth their weight in gold. I mean it.

Challenge: Think of strolling magic effects (without naming or using a triumph styled effect) that do NOT use a table. If you can name 7, AND you can get into them easily, you're a pro. If you have trouble like I do, this DVD will help you out in that area.

5/5 Buy it if you're a working performer and need new routines/ideas.

Thoughts on Effects:


Strong as heck on the first DVD.

-The first trick does use a backpalm, but it ISNT with coins, BUT with cards!!! EASY TO DO!!! Loved it!!!

-Gary Jones was a very VERY solid performer outside of his opening joke

-Chris congreve in my mind is a brilliant strategist in terms of effects and guises, (look at his coins across!!!) but his performance style is very weak, and you don't get to see the fun side of him til "Blackjack Surprise". But because I'm after the effects which are NOT hindered by presentation, Im ecstatic!!!

-If you have the book Switch by Lovick, keep Chris's bill routine, but just opt for a faster/more direct switch that suits you. Any lag on the performers end in making the switch is deadly.


-Gary's no sleep routine will haunt me. Made me cry bs, it was pure genius!!! haha
-Chris shows a bit more personality, and really hits hard with his "Most Likely" routine
-I REALLY hate saying this cliche statement, but..."Twenty One Again" is worth the price of the whole DVD set. AND IT ONLY USES 8 CARDS, AND THE SPECTATOR ONLY THINKS OF ONE!!! WTF????
- Chris's sign post really sells a good reaction. Going to use it at my next gig.
-Love the unique handling of Solidified. Whatever you think it is, its different.

1 Quick note on packaging: The inserts where you pop the disks on and off hold the disks securely...too securely. Im afraid after popping them off a couple times the inner part of the disk might get damaged, but thats just me. So just be sure to have extra disk cases if it may bother you.

EVEN with the above issue, the disk set is still 5 stars. Tell me a DVD set where you get this many practical strolling effects? Ive bought a ton of magic, and this DVD outshines many others.

5/5 Buy it if you're a working performer and need new routines/ideas.
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