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The Memory Arts by Sarah and David Trustman - Book
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Finally learn the Memorized Deck work you were afraid to try!

Vanishing Inc.'s new book shows you how to memorize any deck in less than an hour!

No prior memorization is necessary!

The Memory Arts is Vanishing Inc.'s most beautiful book to date. Full-color, with pictures on every page, this book details the simple, secret formula that will allow you to remember things better -- and not just in magic. This system, based on all the great pillars of mnemonics, was developed by husband-and-wife super team, Sarah and David Trustman. If you thought you had a bad memory, Sarah and David will show you otherwise!

They brought the house down at the Magi-Fest 2018, when they showed the audience how to EASILY remember half of a memorized deck (Tamariz Stack) in FIFTEEN MINUTES.

They can do the same for you. And the best part is that once you read the book and incorporate their system, you'll be able to remember ALL SORTS OF THINGS. Not just the Aronson or Tamariz Stack, but other things from your life: phone numbers, to-do lists, your children's names. Andi is using the system and can now remember his son's name at least half the time. Success!

The book itself is worthy of any coffee table. It's full of original art that will help you associate each card or line item with a picture. And the book SPECIFICALLY tackles how to memorize both Aronson and Tamariz, and for those of you feeling ambitious, it's actually quite easy to memorize BOTH stacks, and switch between them. The Memory Arts shows you how with a breezy, fun, humorous writing style. The Trustmans have received RAVES about their system, and now it's finally in one place. There is a reason why eight-time World Memory Champion, Dominic O'Brien, jumped at the chance to write the forward for this book!

If you've purchased their eBooks before, you know how helpful they are for memorizing decks and other information. This is the DEFINITIVE collection of their work.

"This book makes Memory Training fun!"
- Dominic O'Brien (World Memory Champion)

"Mental agility is an essential tool in magic, and memory is right up there among the most important. The Memory Arts is a beautiful book with stunning illustrations that presents memory enhancing skills, in a fun, picturesque way."
- Simon Aronson

"A teaching tool of unforgettable charm. The art of memory uses your imagination to remember anything and everything. And, this book is f***ing gorgeous!"
- Dean Haspiel, Creator of The Red Hook

"I have to say, I have conflicted feelings about telling people how great this book is-because there's a pretty big part of me that wants to keep this stuff secret, so people will be impressed and buy me drinks for memorizing cards without a clue as to how easy it is. I want everyone and their kids to read this."
- Arun Rath, Journalist, Radio host (NPR/PBS)

"An innovative approach to learning about the greatest memory method of all: memory palaces. Through the joy of a beautifully written and illustrated book, you will end up with an instantly made, fully functional memory palace. Whatever you do with it, you'll have fun!"
- Dr Lynne Kelly, author of The Memory Code

"The Memory Arts by Sarah and David Trustman a fantastic read. It is one of the best books on memory. I highly recommend it."
- Uri Geller

"The Memory Arts book is the easiest and fastest way to learn mnemonica! Flash cards, songs, and rote memory weren't sticking. In one day I read this book and learned the whole stack. Makes me feel foolish wasting all that time trying to learn it any other way."
- Daryl Williams

"This book is GORGEOUS. What's more, it is full of useful tools and systems that are both flexible and practical. You should read this, apply this and enjoy this."
- Chris Rawlins

"The Memory Arts is a valuable asset for anyone wishing to learn about the ancient art of memory techniques. It will prove to be of intense interest to those who have tried and failed to memorize a deck of playing cards; with its interactive approach to teaching a memorized deck in lightening speed. For the student looking to deepen their ability with memory, this will be a hugely valuable addition to their library."
- Luke Jermay

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The e-books and more (but the ebooks might be enough) Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 4th, 2018
This is a small format hardbound book, 339 pages, which incorporates the Trustman's ebooks about memorized decks (and includes the same art pieces, many of which fill entire pages). It then goes beyond and teaches how to apply "their" method to memorizing anything. Be aware that if you have already bought their ebooks (Mnemonica, Aronson and Memorandum stacks editions) you may find this book unnecessary. On the other hand if you'd like to have the additional info available, as well as have a bound book to keep open for ease of study, then get this edition also. $50 is a reasonable price for the quality of this volume. I cannot tell you the binding process, but it opens and stays flat without pages falling out and their is an attached page ribbon.
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This book works miracles! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 19th, 2018
Just a quick note, I purchased this book in January at the early release at Magi-Fest.

I have been trying to memorize Mnemonica for a long time and nothing work. I tried just straight memorization, games, mnemonic devices, and nothing worked. I saw the Trustmans at Magi-Fest where they brought their 12-year-old son out who was able to recall the card at the number an audience member called out from 4 DIFFERENT stacks as well as the next card in the stack. After this demonstration, they revealed that he was able to learn all 4 stacks in 45 minutes without any heavy memorization or cramming of information. That is what sold me. After purchasing the book, I learned Mnemonica stack in 10 minutes! The best part is, this book teaches you how to memorize multiple stacks at the same time. Not only does it teach how to memorize stacks, but it teaches how to memorize just about anything using their mnemonic device. You can even learn to memorize a completely shuffled deck and be able to recall what card is at which number and vice-versa. I highly recommend this book to anybody who is trying to learn a stack but is struggling to memorize it because I promise you, after you read this book, you will be able to.
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Believe the hype Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 16th, 2018

Indeed I was able to learn Juan Tamariz' created deck order in less than 30 minutes... and I've never tried any deck stack work nor tried to memorize cards for that matter. Just for this fact alone I would have happily paid $50.

Beyond this, the book is well put together and the content claims to help learn much more. I'll be using this to challenge my brain from now on and see how much I can remember and how I will choose to process future memories so that I can recall them that much better.
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Beautiful!!! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 26th, 2018
It's really a Great Book. Very interesting and easy to learn.
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One of my favorites Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 12th, 2018
Definitely a book for those ready for memorized stack work. I decided to finally do mem-stack last year, and I didn't read this book. BUT IF I DID!!! It would have been so much easier.

I used peg words, which works, but the imagery provided in this book would have helped memorizing my stack a whole lot easier, much more fun - and probably would stay with me longer (as in the images).
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WOW! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 7th, 2018
I have tried other systems in the past to learn Memonica... This is it! Not only will you be able to remember Memonica for the rest of your life, but have a whole lot of fun in the process! Thank you David and Sarah Trustman for sharing with the magic fraternity this amazing book. The hardcover is amazing, and the quality is top-notch. If you make this investment you will also want to invest in the PDF ebook as well so you can take it with you on the go! A+ DO yourself a BIG FAVOR and save years of hardship and BUY THIS.
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