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AppeaRing Red (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Bocopo Magic & Silver Wing
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Love is an eternal topic that spans all regions, races, ages and artistic fields. The ring represents the permanent commitment between lovers.

In the long history of magic, there are many magic effects related to the ring, such as teleportation, vanishing, floating, color changing and linking together. Now, AppeaRing is available for you, filling a void that only this new effect can accomplish! You can perform the Appearing Ring effect with it as easy as winking.

It offers you an entirely new possibility when you want to propose or confess your love.

AppeaRing is a fully automatic magic prop. Secretly load the ring. Then, simply press a button and the effect will occur.

It uses servomotors to provide sufficient power, and a built-in matching program to control the mechanical arm's rotation angle. We packed pcb's, power modules, batteries, and remote control modules into this small box, and there is still enough room for the ring to be placed inside. This was a miracle in itself!

It can adapt to most sizes of rings. Just buckle the lid and the ring appears. You can also use it to perform other miracles (e.g., the ring can appear without buckling the lid)!

AppeaRing has both manual and remote-control versions. The switch is perfectly hidden -- you can trigger it without anyone noticing. And with the remote control version, you can trigger it within a 10m effective range.

Love is so special in this world. So, use the AppeaRing to find your true love or for a particularly romantic and beautiful effect.

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 20th, 2019
Here are my thoughts...

1- My package did not include instructions, I had to go out of my way to finally get the link and code to watch the instructional video.

2- The instructions are in Mandarin (?). There's a translator in the room but it's hard to understand her English. For $130 they SHOULD have given us a better teaching video, one in ENGLISH. This company spent more time and money making a cool promo video IN ENGLISH and then give us a crappy instructional video that was recorded in 720p with terrible audio quality.

3- The trailer shows a ring vanish that is never discussed on the instructional video. I had to figure that one out on my own and it's not practical.

4- You can only use a thin ladies ring. The instructions say 3mm but I think its more like 2mm max. You also need wax to keep the ring in place so you can't hand off the ring for examination without some residue on it.

5- The appearance is loud. If you want to do this live you'll need to cough or have loud music in the background maybe.

6- The appearance doesn't alway work. Ring gets stuck at times.

7 - The box looks and feels fragile, you have to be really careful with it.

Verdict: Great for social media videos if you mute them or add music, you might have to do several takes depending on the ring you used and if it keeps getting stuck. Not so great for live performances. I cannot justify spending $130 for video magic, others might not mind.
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