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Tel's Bells Herbert/Bavli
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This marvelous mechanical brass bell can be slotted into lots of programs and almost any kind of comedy show! The basic idea is great, you take a bell and ring it, then when you give it to someone else, they will try to ring it but it won't make a sound! A classic comedy bit from the British magic comedian Terry Herbert. This is so funny, your audience will cry! Easy to use in routines for both children and adults.

Here are some ideas that come with the bell:

For children: before a birthday party, you ask the child to get all his /her friends to settle down , and to act like their teacher at school when they ring the bell to get attention. You ring the bell to show him how to do it, then give him the bell to ring to get everyone's attention. Of course when he rings the is no sound ..... a little louder you ask and take it from him and demonstrate...

For adults: You show the bell to an adult man telling him that this bell has been developed to check how many hormones he has... the louder the ringing the more sex hormones you have ... You of course ring the bell very loud... you give it to the spectator - he can't make the bell create even the slightest ring!

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Tel's Bells - Manufacturing Challenged Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 4th, 2014
(This review is for Tel's Bells Herbert/Bavli)
I bought this product to go along with a children's magic routine. I had read many different reviews (magic cafe, etc.) that there are inconsistencies in manufacturing quality with the newer productions. I should have listened to the experience of others! My bell's gimmick was very difficult to use. The spring was nearly impossible to activate with my thumb, and the handle was somewhat loose, which made the ringing inconsistent. I only had the bell a little over a week and something happened with the gimmick rendering the trick ineffective.

For a trick that costs nearly $100.00, there are by far better transition tricks that are superior quality for much less money. Needless to say I returned this item.
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Inconsistent Mechanism Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 17th, 2015
(This review is for Tel's Bells Herbert/Bavli)
Let me start off by saying that I LOVE the Tel's Bell. I actually have three. Let me explain: One is an antique. One of the first ones. It is slightly different in looks and in sound than what is manufactured these days. It's wrapped in a microfiber cloth and stays in a drawer.
I have another one that goes where I go. I keep it in a backpack and, when I'm performing, it is on my person. I use it often. I don't use it as a gag; but rather, as a 'magical moment'. The magic happens when the bell rings. It's more of a wand and a crowd-gathering tool for me. And once in a while, I'll utilize the gag aspect of the bell. The fact that I can ring it when I want and it stays silent otherwise, also works to my advantage. I've pulled it out of a pocket and you'd think I produced it magically. ...But to the audience, it apparently was magical; because there was no ringing that occurred in any of my previous movements. That, in and of itself, I suppose, is magical.

I'm the type of person who purchases 'back-ups' to illusions and magic supplies that I use often. Since I don't want to use the antique bell, I thought it prudent to get a backup to my 'everyday' Tel's Bell; since I've come to rely so heavily on it. I watched the site and when they came back in, I ordered one, (Penguin has the best price on them). So I KNOW how this thing works. I KNOW what the tension is supposed to be like. The mechanism on the one I received was too tight. WAY too tight. I can work it, but not without it causing pain to my finger and a visible, red indentation on the finger used to operate the mechanism. If I'm palming coins, I can't work it at all - which I need to be able to do.

This is a great item...but be aware that some work well/properly and some are too tight and cannot be adjusted enough to where they will work better. If you get a good one, this is a prop that will last you quite a while and you will enjoy. If you get one that doesn't work, well...you'll have a unique and expensive paperweight.
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