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World Class Manipulation McBride- #1, DVD
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Volume 1: Essential Sleight of Hand Techniques for Coins, Balls, and Thimbles

Jeff McBride is one of the greatest sleight-of-hand experts in the world. His extensive knowledge of manipulative magic is unparalleled. As a teacher, he is an engaging and dynamic spokesman on the meaning of magic and its place in contemporary culture. Jeff McBride's teaching style will help you to transcend your tricks and create a new form of magic theater. Now McBride shares with the magic world, for the first time, many never before disclosed techniques of the master manipulators. Jeff leads you step by step through this fascinating world of "digital" effects, and gives you the tools you need to become your best. A lifetime of manipulative masterpieces is contained in this unique three volume series.

On this DVD, Jeff McBride shows us:


  • Intention & Dedication
  • The Coin Roll
  • Types of Coins to Use
  • Coin Productions
  • The Downs Palm
  • Multi-Downs Palm
  • The Thumb Clip
  • Backpalm
  • Front Clip
  • Masters & Mentors
  • Coins to Pocket
  • Jumbo Coin Production
  • McBride's Jumbo Coin Change
  • Rehearsing on Video
  • The Miser's Dream Routine
  • Pails & Loading Techniques
  • Coin Penetration
  • Pantomime Toss
  • Basic Sleights
  • Advanced Sleights
  • The Shake-Up
  • Streamlining & Simplicity


  • Finger & Thimble Magic
  • Types of Thimbles to Use
  • Basic Vanish & Reproduction
  • Thumb Palm
  • Downs Palm
  • Retention Vanish
  • Basic Acquitment
  • Repeat Thimble Production
  • Finger Switch Technique
  • Confidence & Practice
  • Pinky-Dinky-Doo Vanish
  • Over-the-Top Vanish
  • Thumb Vanish
  • Costume, Props & Backdrops
  • In The Mouth!
  • The Pop-2 Versions
  • Repeat to Pocket
  • Jumbo Finale
  • Simple Flash Four Production
  • Infinite Thimble Routine
  • Silk Vanish
  • Thimbalistic (Bobby Baxter)


  • Billiard Ball Performance
  • Types of Balls to Use
  • Basic Ball Techniques
  • Ball Roll
  • The French Drop
  • Vanish & Reproduction
  • Top-of-the-Fist Vanish & Finger Vanish
  • Bottom-of-the-Fist Vanish
  • Flat-Palm Vanish
  • Toss Vanish
  • DeBiere Toss Vanish
  • Retention Vanish
  • Back-of-Hand Roll
  • Production
  • Balls from Silk
  • Balls from Hand
  • Color Changes
  • Toss-Up Change
  • Drop-Down Change
  • Rollover Change
  • Slap-Down Change
  • Elevator Flourish
  • A Billiard Ball Routine
  • Shell Handling Techniques
  • Multiplying Sponge Balls
  • Troubleshooting
  • Card to Ball
  • Candle to Ball
  • Ball to Silk.

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Got it for the balls, feel in love with the thimbles Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 8th, 2010
After careful research I decided to purchase World Class Manipulations with Jeff McBride Volume 1 DVD. This DVD is a bit odd in that it focuses on three forms of manipulation and none involving cards. However, that DVD seemed to get the highest compliments by manipulators. The three forms taught are coins, billiard balls and thimbles. The coins might be useful, the thimbles would be throw away material and the balls would be the meat and potatoes.

I purchased an inexpensive set of Vernet multiplying balls and was all set to immerse in billiard balls. Unfortunately, the many Magic Cafe posts about purchasing quality billiards, such as the Fakini silicone balls, proved true. I could work on some dexterity and sleights but if I'm to be serious about billiards, the expensive Fakini balls are in my future.

Out of morbid curiosity, I watched the thimble section of World Class Manipulations. I mean, come on, do kids even know what a thimble is? I hadn't seen one in decades. And they're so small, how could they "play big" as they say in magic. They just seem corny.

However, after watching McBride rattle off a few thimble routines I was amazed. Thimbles have a magical quality unlike anything I had seen. The appearances and vanishes are so convincing. Sure they may be a dated household item but the moves were so cool and smooth.

I immediately purchased a set of Vernet thimbles and unlike the multiplying balls, I really like their thimbles. The set has four white, nested thimbles and four multi-colored, nested thimbles for a total of 16 thimbles. If you become fascinated with thimbles be sure to check out Joe Mogar's Thimble Dexterity DVD. It is a completely different style that McBride's style and very magical as well.

Highly recommended.
3 of 3 magicians found this helpful.
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Excellent resource Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 6th, 2014
I decided I wanted to add the Miser’s Dream to my act. I knew the basic moves but wanted to learn a complete routine. After looking at several possibilities I decided to purchase Jeff McBride’s World Class Manipulation, Volume 1. The reason is simple – I have found the other effects I perform that are based on Jeff’s teachings to be highly entertaining routines that get great audience response.

Jeff makes the coin manipulations easy to understand, and the Miser’s Dream routine is he teaches was exactly what I was looking for – varied, entertaining, and surprisingly easy to learn. I am not currently using any ball or thimble work in my act, but if I ever decide to add any I know I have a great resource to turn to.
2 of 2 magicians found this helpful.
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Great Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 9th, 2010
I bought this DVD to learn ball manipulation and was not dissapointed. There is also lots of information on manipulating other items such as thimbles and coins. He is a master manipulator and makes this stuff look easy. With practice the moves and techniques will become and look fantastic. This is a great starting place for anyone looking to add manipulation to their act.
2 of 2 magicians found this helpful.
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