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Double Back trick Jon Allen
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Double Back
by Jon Allen

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Two cards, undeniably in your hands, instantly change places with those held by someone else! It just doesn't get any more direct.

  • Simple Handling
  • Clean Method
  • Instant Reset

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The Wizard of Oz Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 12th, 2013
I buy SOOOO much from Penguin. Double Back is in now in my top 10 "Best Purchases I've made" list.

Mr. Allen is an engaging thougthful teacher and offers in his "Double Back" DVD what I call: "SMP": Simple Powerful Magic.

Some methods found in other DVDs are very hard to learn or to perform because: either memorizing the sequence of steps is difficult to do and retain, or, the method takes dozens or more hours of practice to perfect and feel confident with.

Double back is probably at a difficulty level of "3" on a scale of "10 for a beginner to learn but, once learned, is the kind of magic that makes people remember you.

There is a small "mistake" on the DVD in which Mr. Allen states the correct order of cards should be:__________ but shows cards to the camera that aren't in the order he stated. As a beginner it took me awhile to work this out by rewinding several times and experimenting. Still, it was worth it to end up being able to perform the Double Back illusion.

Yes, it's only once basic concept being revealed but it is a GREAT concept and worth way more than the price of movie, popcorn, and soda which is about what Double Back Costs.

(UNLESS the movie is the original "Wizard of Oz" and then...I'm sorry but I can't think of any magic more magical than Dorothy and Oz :) ). However, I bet the Wizard Himself would have loved Diamond Back!
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buy it Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 20th, 2011
Probably my favorite packet trick because of the impact it has and it ends reset and ready to go again not to mention that it's easy to do
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WOW this is GREAT Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 29th, 2010
This trick is one of my favorites it really shocks a spectator plus after you done with the trick it practically resets it self JUST in case another person says SHOW THE TRICK TO me its great and i highly recommend it.
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Dr. Daley's Last Trick Turbo Charged Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 16th, 2010
Double Back by Jon Allen is his own personal take on Dr. Daley's Last Trick, and by far my absolute favorite version of the effect. The way you openly show the cards before and after the effect is not only a major selling point, but absolutely amazes the spectators even more. My version came with a Five of Clubs, Five of Hearts, King of Clubs and King of Hearts. After fairly showing both the Five of Clubs and Five of Hearts you give them to be held by the spectator. Next, which is my favorite part, you openly show both front and back of the King of Clubs and King of Hearts.

To the spectators, nothing can be more fair than that, that they are holding both of the 5's (or so they think!) and that you clearly show that you're holding both of the Kings. Then placing the Kings back together, face to face the spectators absolutely think you still have the Kings, some people have even bet money (which I strongly advise not to do).

Then with a magic twist, you are now holding both of the 5's and the spectators are now holding onto the Kings. The premise for this effect is now 100x stronger thanks to the genius of Jon Allen. Although he did draw inspiration from an effect called Slither by Mark Mason, which I highly suggest checking out because it too is practically the same, but still packs an extremely powerful punch.

Do not miss the opportunity to purchase this effect, because you'll be performing it every night, just as I do and it never, ever gets old!
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