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Close-Up Elegance by Davide Costi book Anthony Brahams
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This beautiful hard cover book is an in-depth look at David Costi's life and work as a magician. David's magic though not well known worldwide, is well regarded by his fellow magicians. The 144 pages of illustrations and explanations is a valuable resource for any magician.

What People Are Saying:

"I have discovered that you are my twin soul." -- Arturo de Ascanio

"Most men have two dimensions, they are tall and wide, Davide has the third dimension, he is deep!"
-- Rene Lavand

"Davide Costi is a refined gentle performer. He prefers his puzzlements to be blown kisses rather than buffeting blows. There is something merciful in his manner and he truly wishes to share whatever mystery may occur, telling whichever stories ring most true. His climatic noble effect, where two cards matched, stunned even fastest company!" -- Jon Racherbaumer

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 7th, 2014
First off, at this price, this book is a steal.

This book is Mr. Costi's first publication. The beginning of the book features some short testimonials by some of his friends and colleague. Mr. Costi is a student of the late and great Ascanio and writes emotionally about his gratitude towards his teachers and peers which is evident throughout the book. Pictures of Mr. Costi's life and inspirational quotes are present through these pages and provide a very refreshing read.

In addition, Mr. Costi explains his theory of magic and introduces something he calls, "The Curve," which details a magician's "journey," if you will, through his/her magical endeavors. This section is a really interesting read and I find it to be very accurate!

The next sections detail Mr. Costi's sleights, effects, and presentation ideas for his own routines as well as others' (such as a script for Paul Harris's "Twilight"). Most of the material pertain to using playing cards, although some of the content include using coins, a rose, and thumb tip.

While most of the material is nothing that we may consider groundbreaking or revolutionary, Mr. Costi teaches the importance of invoking an emotional response from the audience through his ideas on presentation.

The only reason I give four stars instrad of five, is because of my personal preference of grammatical neatness. Some spelling and punctuation errors exist on some pages (thst does not affect the explanation of the material at all) and some passages seem hard to comprehend because of the way they are worded (such as the last bit regarding how to load a thumb tip using a handkerchief).

Overall, for less than $12.00, you cannot go wrong with this book!
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