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It's a Lu Lu by Docc Hilford - Book
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A perfect startling new way to read minds!

Imagine working high end night clubs with a deck of cards and a handkerchief. And getting paid good money for ten minutes of amazing mentalistic entertainment. That is exactly what Docc Hilford does with his blindfold act, It's a Lu Lu! And now you can do it too.


Two spectators shuffle a full deck of cards. The performer asks a woman to help him by having three people select a card each. These are of course, free selections, as the performer doesn't even see who participates. The cards are shown to others in the crowd, but not tho the performer.

The cards are returned to the deck and the woman cuts the deck repeatedly. Now the performer is blindfolded with an ungimmicked blindfold, legitimately blinded.

Cards are held up one at a time and discarded. But when the audience sees a selected card, they all "THINK" the word "STOP" and the performer announces that the card held is one that was selected. Although he has not seen the card and the deck has been out of his hands for the selections and returns, he finds the selected cards -- apparently by thought alone!

But that's not all! While the woman holds up cards, the performer announces the final selection, then reveals the name of the spectator who chose it and finally names the chosen card!!

This is done while the cards are still in the woman's hands. Truly Unbelievable!!

This can be done in a living room for friends or on a dance floor of a night club. All of Docc's night club patter is included for you to use as well.

Important Features:
The blindfold is REAL - no peeking.
No stooges, cueing, or set-ups.
The spectators shuffle the cards.
The performer doesn't touch the cards for the selections or returns.
The performer never sees who selected the cards.
The helper still holds the cards when the last spectator and the final card is named.
There's plenty of built in comedy bits!
Always ready -- no pre-show work required.
Can be prepared with any standard deck.
Two different handlings are explained.
The full night club version is included.
Can be performed close-up or walk around.
Docc has given every nuance and gesture. He's included the hokes, lines, and bits of business necessary for mentalism work in a night club setting.

More importantly, Docc discusses his personal experiences of what a night club audience expects and how to deliver it to them.

If you want to work night clubs, or to just amaze your friends, this routine is for you.

This is more than just a trick, it is a ten minute routine!

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Great Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 22nd, 2018
small booklet.......dynamite routine
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I Love This Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 6th, 2016
It's very practical. It can be done in almost any working situation. It baffles while it entertains. It's Docc's. What more could you ask for?
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This pamphlet delivers the goods Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 12th, 2014
I know Docc Hilford has a reputation for using "creative wording" in his ads. However, I've been a fan of his ideas and concepts for a good long while.

For the price of this pamphlet, you simply cannot go wrong.

There is a one time prep for this act using a common household item, but it is well worth the time I put in to making it up!

Notice to how I said ACT instead of EFFECT or ROUTINE. Docc gives you not only the bare bones of this act, but also bits of comedy and business that in itself is worth the price paid for.

I mean, he tips EVERY detail about using this as an act in a nightclub setting and it is fantastic. While I don't see myself performing in a nightclub anytime soon, the thinking behind it is worth studying. This manuscript gave me what I paid for plus some!

It's not a card trick and it's not a blindfold act. It's reading other people's thoughts...It's about connecting with your audience...It's entertaining...It's A Lu Lu...

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