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Perfected Prediction by Kenton Knepper - Book
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Perfected Prediction
by Kenton Knepper

"You meet with bookers, steering committee or what have you. They bring their own letterhead. They may emboss something more on their own letterhead too or have a notary do so. The people (all legitimate - no one is in on it) sign the paper, draw doodles on it and so on to ensure the paper cannot be switched. They can add stickers, etc. to the paper - there is no photocopying. You write with a marking pen your predictions on top of these signatures for contrast. You flash what you have written, but obviously do not let the people see exactly what you have predicted yet. This same paper is sealed in an envelope. During the show some of the people who signed the prediction come forward with the envelope. They open the prediction themselves. No funny business opening up the prediction. The people agree that this is the original paper with their original signatures (it really is) and they read your predictions written in marker on this very page - just like they saw you do from the start. Your predictions of headlines, what the people will wear to the show or what have you are 100% correct. No sleight of hand. No switches required. No stooges. No forces. The audience and committee are entirely fooled. The paper you and they write on originally is the same paper they read and open in the show. There is a little secret something needed that can be bought for one or two dollars. This is easy to obtain and it combined with all the details in the manuscript make for the Ultimate and Perfected Prediction. Other effects and bonus work is included using this secret. The extra material is non-prediction related mostly, and work with everything from weird magic to symbolic healing. I have held this secret prediction close to my vest for many, many years. Like Kolossal Killer, I am finally going to release it - for those willing to read. The power is in the material, not in the length of the manuscript. Like 'Killer' it is only [25] pages long. It IS the last word on predictions - as real as they come. If you could dream up the best scenario for yourself as a performer and for your audience - you'd end up at this same conclusion. The good news is that I have done the work for you already. It may have taken decades, but now it is all here for you to use too. The ULTIMATE and PERFECT PREDICTION solution is yours at last. The very work I have used to fool audiences and peers alike. Do it on stage, one-on-one for a friend who visits with you, stand-up and more."
- Wonder Wizards

25 Pages

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