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Matrix / Coin Assemblies (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD
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Imagine the best magic, the best magicians, and the best producers all in one place.

Imagine no more...

Learn one of coin magic's most powerful effects from its creator along with some of the best magicians in the world!

If you could have one set of magic DVDs, this would be it! This benchmark collection features just about all of magic's most enduring and classic effects and routines. It's a fabulous compendium with many of the top masters in the world of magic teaching their handlings and routines for some of magic's classics. Linking rings, sponge balls, metal bending, cups and balls, thumb tips, Zombie, color-changing knives, and many, many more topics are all gathered in this one terrific DVD reference set. Each volume covers a specific subject and features new, old, and sometimes rare footage by some of the top video producers in magic.

Close-up magicians have known for years that audiences love the classic plot where four coins individually placed under four playing cards magically gather under one of the cards. It could be convincingly argued that Al Schneider began a revolution in coin magic when he synthesized earlier versions of this plot and came up with Matrix, a direct and streamlined handling of the coin assembly that has spawned countless variations.

On this DVD, the very best versions of Matrix have been collected along with several of its earlier ancestors. You'll begin your journey by learning the effect that started it all by the man who invented it - Al Schneider's classic Matrix. You'll also learn various handlings of the basic version from Bill Malone and Michael Ammar. Once mastered, you can move on to some eye-popping Reverse Matrix effects, where the coins actually go back to where they came from, with Aldo Colombini and Dan Fleshman. If you'd like to add a killer finale, check out routines by J.C. Wagner and Harry Allen and to prove that there's more to Matrix than coins hopping around, there's Dan Harlan's presentation with a horror movie theme. There's also Johnny Thompson's classic presentation with a handkerchief and Derek Dingle's version of Ross Bertram's Coin Assembly. And, to top it all off, there's historic footage of Ross Bertram also performing and explaining his classic Assembly.

To put it succinctly, this has got to be the best collection of coin assemblies ever . . . well . . . assembled.

Al Schneider

Matrix Presentation
Bill Malone

Poor Man's Matrix
J. C. Wagner
(courtesy of Meir Yedid Magic)

Harry Allen

Matrix / Chink-a-Chink
Aldo Colombini

Michael's Matrix
Michael Ammar

Coin Assembly
Johnny Thompson

Dan Fleshman

Horror Matrix
Dan Harlan

Bertram Coin Assembly
Derek Dingle
(courtesy of Murphy's Magic Inc)

Coin Assembly
Ross Bertram

Running Time Approximately 1hr 20min

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Matrix is a must Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
The DVD starts with the creator of the Matrix effect, Al Schneider, demonstrating and teaching the routine in his own words. The basic matrix routine is simple, yet striking. The magician positions four coins in a matrix (square) pattern. The magician then covers the four coins with four cards. One at a time, the coins magically gather under a single card.

Degree of Difficulty is Moderate to Expert. This really is a powerful effect that even a beginner can pull off with some practice. You really need a soft surface to work with though. I would suggest purchasing a close-up pad from a magic shop or on-line magic retailer for under . The pickup move that is required for all matrix routines is assisted by a little give in the surface.

Al Schneider created this trick when he was just 17 years old showing that even a young mage can dream up magic that will stand the test of time. Schneider teaches the basic routine including the basic pick-up maneuver in great detail. Al covers some subtleties that he believes makes the effect more powerful. After a thorough explanation of his routine he covers some of his personal history of how it evolved. Then he goes on to show other pick-up maneuvers that have been magicians have came up with over the years. The DVD could end here and it would be worth twice what I paid (). Great stuff!

So do you really need to learn 11 versions of the same routine? Of course not. However you'll find a cornucopia of matrix ideas and moves. If you watch closely, you will also discover dozens of moves and ideas that you could incorporate in other non-matrix coin & card tricks. For example, even though I really didn't like Ammar's version of the matrix, he teaches the Marlo Spider Vanish and some nice timing and misdirection elements. A much better version of the spider vanish that I had learned. As with all L&L Publishing DVDs that I have purchased, this is an outstanding value and resource.
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a must for matrix lovers Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 8th, 2010
I always enjoy the World's greatest magic series. You get to see a variety of takes on a a limited theme, from a variety of performers. This one is no exception. Matrix is a magician favorite as well as an audience pleaser. Nothing exceptional is in any of the routines. My favorite is Dan Harlan's for his sorority girl / slasher film presentation. If you have ever wanted to learn the matrix then I would recommend this DVD. If you already perform a version you aren't missing out.
1 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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the dvd did not work Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 21st, 2017
The dvd did not work get error dvd is in readable
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MagicJim1 Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 29th, 2014
I have always loved the matrix card and coin routines!! Too see them explained by Dan Harlan is worth a lot too me!! this download rates 5 stars and then some. If you like coin magic Please buy this download at any price!!!!
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