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Celebration Of Sides by Robert Neale - DVD
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Celebration of Sides will expose you to many unusual facets of the unique Robert Neale.

Meet Neale the Topologist, the Artist, the Philosopher and the Trickster. Join Neale the Teacher as he leads you on a personal tour of his world...a nonsense world that will distort your perception and alter your view of reality. Imagine listening-in as a Professor of the Impossible is joined by one of his best students as they present A Graduate Course on the Impossible.

Robert Neale is joined by Michael Weber as they discuss miraculous plots with the simplest of props...impossible boxes, walls with invisible holes, and multidirectional arrows...objects easily found in any alternative dimension.

There are no cards, no coins...just fresh impossibilities that will confound, enlighten, and delight both you and your audiences. Most of these plots can be done with objects found around you in daily life while others use amazing props that are simple to create in minutes.

Included are: Arrow of Good Fortune, (K)not Magic, Whatsabox!, Inside The Beltway, Trapdoor, Borromean Rings, Brick Wall, and more.

"Bob Neale, one of the most creative thinkers on this planet, takes us into an Alice In Wonderland world where impossible things happen. Nothing like this video has ever been produced before. Bravo!"
- Barrie Richardson

"Bob Neale is a wonder. How Neale manages to think of such things is a mystery hard to fathom."
- Martin Gardner

Running Time Approximately 1hr 52min

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Math Magic Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 27th, 2017
I enjoy doing mathematically based magic for smart kids and was able to use some of his constructions soon after receiving the disk: The Arrow of Good Fortune, the Brick Wall and the arrow pair that change directions unpredictably. Of course, I put in a relevant dialog of my own for each. A good disk for someone of my interests.
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Dimensional Good. Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 29th, 2016
The good folks over at Penguin ask me to review this, so here I go. The dvd was very intriguing. I'm not use to the puzzles and math stuff but I guess this is supposed to be a branch of that and I liked it. He did stretch out some very simple tricks a bit but one trick was so good I almost had an idea overload. That was the door trick. WOW. The things you could do with that one trick is mind blowing. Just to name a few, I would do for my participants I would have the magical door with sexy girls on the other side, or have a money/power door or a doorway to a different world.

I love that trick. I highly recommend you pick this up for you can have your spectators hold the door tight for the out side of the utopia , close their eyes and when they open them they well be on the fantasy side ready to close the door from the inside better side.
He's good.
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Very Quirky - fascinating! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 13th, 2015
Bob Neale is one of those exceptional people who think out of the box. I have his books "Tricks of the Imagination" and The Magic Mirror" and it was fascinating to see some of his creations come to life.
All the effects are fascinating (have I used that word before?) but I particularly like Wats-a-box and Borromean Rings, which are easy to make up, and relatively easy to perform, but make the audience scratch their heads and say "How did that happen?".
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