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Dime & Penny - Royal Magic
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The included instructions explain 4 different tricks that can be performed with the Dime & Penny.


Display a dime and penny on your left palm and ask a spectator to extend his right hand, palm up. Place the dime on his palm, and then place the penny on his palm. Place your right forefinger on the two coins. Now ask the spectator to close his hand around both coins and your finger. Slowly remove your finger from the closed fist. Reach into your pocket and remove a dime. Comment on the fact that you are now holding the dime. The spectator then opens his hand, showing that he is holding only the penny.


Display the penny and dime on your outstretched left palm. Close your hand into a fist. Reach into the closed left hand and remove the penny. Hand the penny to a spectator, and ask the spectator which coin he would rather have, the penny or the dime. Of course he will think you have a dime concealed in your closed left hand. He will say he would rather have the dime. Take back the penny and slowly open your left fist to show the dime has vanished. You can tell him that if you can't have the time, no one can.


This effect reduces forty-one cents to thirty-one cents. You use the Dime & Penny set, a nickel, and a quarter. Lay out the coins overlapping in your left palm. Ask the spectators how much money is there, and they will respond "forty-one cents". Take a pen (or pencil or magic wand) and push them over each other until they are all in a pile and once again ask the spectators how much money is there. This time when they respond forty-one cents, slide the coins apart, and to the spectators' surprise only thirty-one cents can be seen.


Place a dime on the back of your hand. Place a penny on the back of your hand so that it overlaps the dime. Using the forefinger of your other hand, press down on the two coins, and the dime passes right through your hand, dropping from the palm of your hand down to the ground!

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A newer review... Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 16th, 2015
(This review is for Dime & Penny - Royal Magic)
Simply, just wanted to put a more current review on the board. No need to repeat the great things said by the previous reviewers...as all are true...Even now!
I hope that PM can get a re-supply of these little gems. Its one of those great 5 dollar tricks that never disappoint. If this type of magic is what you like, then "Dime and Penny" is a "must have" for your collection. Good luck in finding it!
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Must carry Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 17th, 2011
(This review is for Dime & Penny - Royal Magic)
I used to have this effect with me CONSTANTLY! I'm ordering four sets.
Most coin routines consists of manipulation (stated below) where a performer removes four coins (quarters, silver dollars, gold dollars, half dollars, mexican centavo's, English Half Pennies) that the audience members expect to be "gimmicked" or manipulated. Opening with "what kind of change do you have in your pockets?" then the spectator pulls out a handfull of nickels, dimes and pennies you can easily use pennies and dimes, where as, larger coins are more suspicious.
Once you "own" them with pennies and dimes, the larger coins are only natural... "I know why you couldn't follow that, these are small coins, how about these bigger ones?" out comes the halves, dollars or foreign currency. "Oh, those must be too small too, let me make one larger." As you expand one into a 3" coin (ALSO SOLD HERE ON PM BUT NOT INCLUDED WITH THIS SET).
Much easier to open smaller and move larger than to force them into a large coin routine. The best part about this... it takes NO skill. Starting a routine with no skill is one of the best ways to start the routine. AND (as stated in the below post) there's so many different things you may do with this that the possibilities are endless!
Definite "to have" for anyone, even someone who doesn't work with coins. You may apply this self working set to anything you want and seem like a real coin pro. Best part? AFFORDABLE! Nothing like spending under ten dollars to build your performance by doing practically nothing!
Why four sets? No set up time. Four routines without any set up. Take a break, reset all four, good to go for four more! Gotta love speedy, no skill assistance with performances!
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love it Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
(This review is for Dime & Penny - Royal Magic)
this is my first coin magic that i ever bought and i guess im lucky cause this is awesome. when you think of coin magic you usually think of sleight of hand that takes weeks of practice to get. but with this trick you can perform a miracle within minutes of practice. i really love this effect because its also so versitle. there are so many diffeent effects you can do with it. you are only limited to you imagination. this is a must buy if your a beginner and wanna do coin magic or just someone who wants to do something amazing.
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