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Card Trick Magic by Stephane Vanel - DVD
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Have you ever wondered how magicians can stun audiences so effortlessly? Have you ever seen an amazing card trick and wondered how it was done? If so, this is the video for you!

Get inside the mind of Stephane Vanel, champion card magician, as he teaches 12 incredible tricks that anyone can learn with an ordinary deck of cards and a little bit of practice. Learn to perform incredible card tricks and impress your friends!

You will learn these incredible tricks:

  • The Four Aces Production - No matter where someone initially cuts the deck, after they divide the cards up into 4 piles, you'll be able to make an ace magically appear on the top of each pile.
  • The Magic Zone - A family favorite, when you move the deck through the "magic zone", one card will separate itself from the rest.
  • The Prediction - Only with magic can you accurately predict the top card of three random piles, no matter who cuts them.
  • The Impossible Location - Find a person's card anywhere in the deck even after they cut the cards multiple times!
  • Strong Connection - Using two separate decks, you somehow pick the same exact card as your spectator even after cutting the deck.
  • The Magical Straight - Once a card is randomly taken from the deck, 3 separate shuffles and a little bit of magic make a straight miraculously appear - missing only the card originally taken.
  • The Levitation - No matter what card is chosen, once it is placed back in the deck, learn how to make its companion card levitate out of the pack and reveal itself to your audience.
  • Ace Elevator - People will be amazed when you somehow make 4 Aces move through the deck at will!
  • The Magical Jokers - If you can't find a card randomly chosen and replaced in the deck, you can always count on your magical jokers to help you out.
  • The Accordion - After a spectator chooses their card, you have them shuffle it back into the deck. You then mix the cards face up and face down but somehow their card reveals itself!
  • The Flash Production - A trick that has stumped professional magicians for years, now unveiled to you. In a flash, even you will be able to make 4 aces appear on the top of 4 random piles.
  • BONUS TRICK: The Card Morph - This trick is so special, we have hidden it somewhere on this DVD... Can you find it?
Stephane also teaches these easy to learn, essential sleight of hand techniques:
  • Criss-Cross Force
  • One Card Break
  • Slip-Cut Force
  • Misdirection
  • Palming
  • ...and much, much more!
Additional Features:
  • Visual Glossary of Magic Terms
  • The Rules of Magic
  • 7 Tips for Better Presentation
  • Hidden Bonus Trick - Can you find it?
  • 3 Viewing Modes: Standard, Tricks Only, and Explanations
Running Time Approximately 1hr 5min

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