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Cloud Busting Secrets by Devin Knight and Jerome Finely - Book
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Two of the World's Foremost 'Cloudbusters' Reveal Their Inner Secrets of Cloud Magic!

In this book the authors strip away the veil of secrecy, revealing cloud secrets only known to a select few. Learn to make clouds vanish and appear. Sculpture them into images of selected playing cards, thought of numbers, ESP symbols, faces, and even animals.

Nothing is held back! Apparently change the weather by delaying rain or snow or even by making it warmer. Believe it or not you can do a lot of this long distance by using a cell phone! With the material in this book you will be more than just a magician or mentalist. You will be a real miracle worker, who apparently has complete control over the elements!

The book will teach you how to:

  • CAUSE A CLOUD TO VANISH FROM THE SKY. It will also show you methods where that cloud and ONLY that cloud vanishes. The others remain intact.
  • CLOUD MATERIALIZATION --magician points to an empty space in the sky and causes a cloud to suddenly form.
  • BLUE SKY--magician causes ALL the clouds to vanish leaving a blue sky
  • Cloud Moving--How to make clouds Move
  • Cloud Sculpture--change the shape of clouds into objects
  • How Fake Psychics Stop & Start Rain
  • Secrets Behind Making Rainbows Appear
  • How to Reveal Selected Cards with Clouds
  • Make Thought of Numbers Appear in the Sky
In addition this book contains one of the most detailed sections every written on how to approach people on the street. Even if you never vanish a cloud, you will find the section on approaching perfect strangers on the street invaluable regardless of the street magic you do. Lots of people sell street effects, but few actually tell you the proper way to get an audience.


"At the right time, in the right place...get ready for something people will tell their grandchildren about witnessing."
- Paul Vigil

"I can honestly say I was bowled over by this work. To see someone really examine and refine an area of mentalism that has pretty much remained ignored for so long was a real treat. You will understand the basics in no time and soon be on your way to performing some great and inspiring takes on a forgotten effect." - Luke Jermay

"The authors have examined every nuance of cloud effects and give totally practical advice for pulling them off. In addition to the actual methodology, they give you a ton of related material from which to draw upon. This is information you will want to have and which could make a reputation for you. Get this!"
- Richard Osterlind

Pages 132 - Softbound.

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Really cool! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 4th, 2010
Alright, before I start saying how I feel about this effect, I DO feel like I should point out that the method described to some of the effects in this book IS a tad on the... cozy side. Regardless, these effects DO work and I enjoy doing them thoroughly when the time is right.

These are NOT pipe dreams... These effects are practical (or AS practical as an effect CAN get). So, if the title of the book intrests you, don't hesitate to pick it up. It is DEFINITLY worth 30 bucks to see all the work that Devin and Jerome have put into this.

If you end up performing these though, the book almost doubles in value.

Where the value of this book really lies however is what is spread out through the middle; this isn't only a book on Cloud Busting, but also a practical guide to publicity. They teach you TONS of ways to get publicity and after reading this book, you are going to wanna go perform. These guys really know how to advertise yourself to others.

Definitly worth it if any of the above interested you.
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Unique book Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
This is a very unique magic book from Devin Knight. In this book, you will learn a number of different effects that can be done with clouds. You will learn to make clouds vanish and appear, make thought of numbers appear in the sky, and a host of other different effects. Devin goes into really good detail in describing each of the effects.

This book gave me a really new outlook on performing magic, and it's a very interesting read. The effects in the book are very different, and I have performed a few of them with success. If this interests you at all, then I recommend you pick up a copy.
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