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Key Accessory by Andrew Gerard
List price:$75.00
Price: $56.25
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This effect has been said by many to be the most powerful Metal Bending Routine in existence, a personal experience for someone and a souvenir like no other...


Several keys and colored rubber bands are shown. A spectator freely selects a key. The key is initialed on one side by the spectator and then initialed by the performer on the other side. Next, a colored rubber band is chosen by the spectator and threaded through the head of the key. The rubber band is placed over the spectator's wrist and the spectator holds the key at their fingertips. The performer suggests that the spectator will feel the key soften and bend like rubber, they do, and it does. The key is felt bending while the spectator is holding it and it is attached to a rubber band around the spectator's wrist the whole time! Your hands are left clean and they are left with an amazing accessory.

"Key Accessories adds a profound element of impossibility. The spectator will swear that they have been in control of the key at all times" Richard Marks creator of Key Warper

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Way over priced-NO DVD-Nothing New Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 19th, 2015
(This review is for Key Accessory by Andrew Gerard)
I have 2 say this is my first BAD review and I hope my last BUT only after I paid $75.00 (now less)NOT WORTH $5.00 others who also bought were ALL not happy at all. I do not want anyone 2 get poor instructions, a few cheap colored rubber bands, and 2 or 3 keys(normal)This method of key bending using a key I soooooo old school it is really effective. I repeat this is one effective way 2 bend a key for the price of a .99 cent key. I would like 2 know where Andrew get the idea this is worth $75.00 ????? It is not his original idea except 4 adding the rubber band. The presentation is not as strong as a simple IN YOUR FACE REAL TIME BEND or Bending in there hand while they have a closed fist. I am sad for many and hope this review does not DISAPPEAR 4 I am a big fan of Penguin. I do feel by writing a bad review and if others agree this will HELP Penguin 2 not carry over priced or simply BAD tricks.

Andrew has had some good F/X but also several poor ones as well. Andrew perhaps if U added a few more effects, a D.V.D. and lower THE PRICE = SOME-0ne may recommend it. Offer a color changing key 2 match the colored rubber band will strengthen the f/x.
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