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TEARable Sessions by Ben Williams
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Have You Ever Been Asked The Question:
Can you do that trick where that guy threw the deck at the window and their card was on the other side?
Well now here is the answer, a simple plot in which a torn corner of a signed card can be found anywhere you want (that includes the other side of a window!)

From the creative mind of Ben Williams comes THREE brand new easy to do, high impact card tricks involving the torn corners of signed cards.

Virtually sleight free so you can concentrate on your performance. Learn two routines centred around making the torn corner of a signed card appear anywhere you want, under your watch, in a spectator's pocket, on the OTHER side of a window, the possibilities are endless.

Also learn how to restore the corner to a signed card with a routine so visual and simple you will have the perfect starter for your favourite ambitious card routine or your favourite signed card routine.

All of these routines have been tried and tested and have never failed to get great reactions, their simplicity in plot and handling combined make these routines perfect for your arsenal.

Pages 12 - Saddle Stitched

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 4th, 2010
(This review is for TEARable Sessions by Ben Williams)

if you dont know the effects, here they are.
TEAR-ific: a spectators selection is marked by having the corner tor off of it and the card is also signed. the spe hold onto the card and the magician takes the corner and EATS it. ya thats right, eats it. no switches take place. amoment later you show them the pulp of the card and swallow it. after they are assured it is swallowed, you show them your whatch or window or wallet, and its stuck to it. the torn corner, now in tact.

TEAR-IFIED:a spec chooses a card and then its marked by having the corner torn off and chewed up. the pulpy remains of the card is offered back to the spec. they say no lol. so the performer swallows it . the performer says that they can have it back by a little magic. the performer takes the signed torn card and brings it to his face and blows on it. then a moment later, the corner is restored back onto the card and still signed.

TEAR-ible:the spectator selects a cad and signs it. the spectator holds onto the card tightlly between their palms and the performer asks if it would be impressive if he could steal the card from them. the performer tries and fails. so he says that stealiong the card means ripping the corner off the card. the specator opens their palm and the crner is torn off. then a moment later, it is stuck onto the other side of a window.


I gave this trick such a good rating because they are so good. the cover is TEAR-ific (TEAR-ible joke). lol. but its really good. its in a vintage style art and looks great. but the book is so small. its like 3/4 of the size of a jumbo card. and the problem I found with most magic books is the font and print. its usually very small. but this solved that problem. the type was in a nice font and in a nice big size, easy to read. and there are photo illustrated instructions which makes it good. so 4/4


I have never given the methods to a trick such a bad review. each one is gimmicked to the hill. and I hate the fact that you destroy like 3 cards each performance. and they take an extensivelly long setup. and each tearable needs to be precisssinlly cut in a way to hide all the mumb o jumbo. but there is 2 that I might actually do. and those aretear0ific and tear-fied. but im sure that they will have an impact so I will probablly be performing each one and getting them onto youtube when I have some time. so not that good.


I give the advice a pretty good 3/4 because they are great tips and stuff. he explains a few different substitutions for swallowing the card. but it lost a star because he didnt even say what might happen if you actually do swallow it or the health issues or that stuff. and half of the reason it lost a star is because the tips is only not even half a page but still good. so I give the tips 3/4


I really dont know what else to say about this product. 22 bucks?? no. maybe 15. but its a pretty thick book. I cant really recomend this to anyone besides a beginner. but I see things differentlly. im happy with it in a way but im also very disapointed in a way. but you might be happy with it. but if you do buy this, get a one way forcing deck sicne you will need it. and maybe some magicians wax. so thats my review and I give this all a 3/4
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