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De'Ring by Devo - DVD
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The hottest selling ring manipulation DVD just got better with a brand new bonus pack!

This bonus pack contains 5 moves/ideas to include De'vo's Tabled Ring-On, Ring Impossible, Up-Side-Down Spin, Max Vlassenko's Paddle Wheel Ring, and Barrett Sylvies Horizontal Mambo. All moves are taught in visual detail with original musical arrangements by De'vo.

This DVD contains simply some of the most powerful and incredible displays of manipulation that you can perform anytime, anywhere! If you do not normally wear a ring, then you will after watching this DVD! De'vo's ring manipulation is simply incredible and has to be seen to be believed! De'vo's amazing style of ring manipulation has been performed and tweaked to perfection over the past 20+ years! Our teaser video and trailer will not show even a small portion of what is on this DVD to protect De'vo's creations. The Speed and Power of this material will have you in disbelief! This is pure manipulation! No trickery, just your hands and a ring, and some of the most wicked moves you will ever witness!

De' Ring can be used as a stand alone routine or used to create or modify your existing routines.

De'vo's Core routine features the following - Only one hand is needed, can be done while audience is staring at your hand - no misdirection needed, no false transfers or cover required, no birdy fly moves, no switching fingers, no duplicates, no thimble moves, instant reset, can be examined, performed on the spot, No gimmicks, no angles, can be repeated, can be done surrounded, nothing added or taken away, no patter required.

This DVD features De'vo's 3 phased core routine along with a large variety of ideas/concepts to take you beyond the core. De' Ring DVD also includes 2 incredible bonuses that use a common band type of ring.

Magicians - Look NO further! This visually unique material that can easily be woven into all of your existing ring routines.

Manipulators - This is the material you have been waiting for to break up your card material as an opener, OR closer, OR both!


- Video Montage - View most all of the wicked moves in the DVD in one incredible montage!

Things To Know

4 to Kill

  • 4 things that make De' Ring Kill
  • Ring Types
  • Protecting your finger
  • Ring fit - exact size information
  • Taking off the ring
Technical Overview - very basic overview of what will be learned
  • Basic overview
  • Positions for Ring-Ons
  • Keeping the Stone on Top

De'vo's Core Routine
  • Intro w/studio/live performance clips (9 minutes!)
  • Mock performance
  • Tight Ring (both real and mock versions)
  • Flash-On
  • Deceptive
  • Finale
  • In depth on the "Hook"
  • Combo Demo
Beyond the Core
  • Intro
  • Transfer-On
  • Magical transfer
  • The Wave
  • Basic Spin
  • Around the World Spin
  • Spin to Palm-On
  • Palm Spin
  • Palm spin to Ring-On
  • Tap-On
  • Hand to Hand Transfers
  • Transfers (standard and multiple)
  • Tosses (Finger toss and thumb toss)
  • False Transfers (Thumb Palm, Half Pass, French toss Drop, Shadow Ring-On)

Gryphon Roll
  • The Gryphon roll - back and forth
De'vo's Insanity Ladder
  • Types of Rings
  • The Lift
  • 2 Rung Roll
  • The Tip-On
  • Final Ring-On
  • Flipback Toss to Ring-On
  • Advanced Ideas
De'vo's Tabled Ring-On
De'vo's Ring Impossible
De'vo's Up-Side-Down Spin
Max Vlassenko's Paddle Wheel Ring
Barrett Sylvies Horizontal Mambo

De'vo's material has been kept underground and very limited until NOW!

REVIEW by Jeff McBride - Las Vegas Headliner

"De 'Ring is the perfect impromptu marvel! Learn this technique and you will always be ready for an immediate, astonishing, and potent piece of pure magic!"

REVIEW by Jerry Cestkowksi - The Flourishman

This DVD is classic De'vo: scary clarity, eye popping titles, and flawless teaching. It is very easy to navigate, and the concepts are presented very straight forward. Nothing is skipped. You could, with this DVD and a few months practice, be showing the routine and getting amazing response. De' Ring is the ultimate opening table or walk around routine. You don't have to say %*&t, just walk up to the table, do the core, and everyone at the table will be transfixed. You can see dozens of live reaction shots in the DVD, and the expressions on the faces of the spectators bear testament to the strength of the effect.

This is the non-card item you will use most in your lifetime. If you don't wear a ring, you will just to do this, if you already wear a ring, you will replace it with the perfect fitting one. De'vo has really left nothing to chance here, he relays tips and suggestions that only hardcore experience could have gleaned. This whole thing is going to be perplexing for magicians. Sure fire opening ice breakers like this are very scarce, if you even have one or two you have 1/2 the battle of live performance conquered. In less than thirty seconds everyone watching will be at your disposal, eager to see more.

Jerry "The Flourishman" Cestkowski

REVIEW OF THE NEW DE'VO DVD "De-Ring" - by Ned Nedbalski - Magic shop owner

I received a Preview of the newly completed "De' Ring" DVD. My first reaction was "WOW! DOUBLE WOW!" My second reaction was to tell all the magicians I know about the DVD. My third reaction was to go out and get a Ring. My forth reaction was to start practicing the moves [which got me in trouble with my wife, because I became so involved doing the moves, I was late for a dinner engagement].

This is a great outstanding DVD, not only in content, teaching instructions, but also in visual graphics. De'vo has done an outstanding job. De'vo's new teaching method is the best method I have ever come across.

A Small Preview of just the PERFORMANCE ONLY of "De-Ring" was sent to the "Magic In The Rockies Convention" and all the magicians were transfixed watching the DVD. They could not believe their eyes. Their number one question was when will it be released.

On the DVD, De'vo has several life shots of spectators response to "DE-Ring". Women Scream and shout, Men do double takes, People gasp and grab his hand and ring to check it out. They are all mystified, and ask to see it again, and again.

Any close-up performer that adds this to his arsenal of tricks -- has just added POWERFUL ENTERTAINMENT to their Act. Any time anyone asks to see you do something, you are always ready to perform, you can even do it stepping right out of the shower dripping wet. This is the most striking manipulation, that can be done close up or for a group to come along in 30 to 50 years.

You will have to practice the moves. But, it's not brain surgery or learning how to type. But, once you have learned it and practice it -- just like learning to ride a bike, you will always be able to perform it and mystify your audience.

Every close-up performer, every professional performer needs to add this to his bag of tricks.

Ned Nedbalski - Owner of Ned's Mile High Magic

Review - De'vo's De' Ring DVD by Ciappi - renowned xtreme manipulator/Ulmen Trial competitor

WOW IT'S F$%^ING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "De'Ring is the most anticipated De'vo DVD ever!! Ever since he showed this concept in his first DVD, Cradle to Grave, there was a lot of talking about De' Ring...and now after years it has finally arrived!! For the few that don't know yet what is De'Ring...this is the effect: you hold a ring in your hand, and BOOM it's on your ring finger and the spectator can't take it off in any way! With this DVD you can learn the same routine that De'vo himself uses, with which he has astonished thousands of people around the world and myself since I've seen him perform it for real and it's KILLER believe me! De'vo showing tons of ideas/moves from very easy to others more challenging makes this DVD ideal for both XCM artists and Magicians as well. The moves of De'vo's Core Routine are easy to learn and you can perform them anywhere and completely surrounded, you don't have to worry about the angles! You can use it like an icebreaker or during a performance to give variety to your card routine. De'vo's also goes into great detail of every move, giving tips and ideas not only about the moves themselves but about the best rings to use as well, and how to avoid to injury yourself. The people's reactions are unbelievable...if you think we all are fascinated by the hand speed! Were you looking for something fast?...You have found it! The video editing is top notch and every images is very clean and polished! The different backgrounds and colors, the cool music, the live performance and the WOW moves makes every second of this DVD amazing! What are you waiting for?? Run to buy this DVD and a Ring... or get married and start amazing people with De'Ring!!!" CIAPPI

Review by Marius

Don't know where to start! This DVD smokes everything! At first i love the Video Montage! It shows you what you can expect of De' Ring! I just can say great job De'! The teaching is very simple! Different angles, many tips, live performance AND reactions so you know how powerful De` Ring really is!!!! I don't think i have to tell you about the editing it is perfect also the music fits everywhere in this DVD! Move concepts are Unique + you get many combo move ideas, DAMN this is HOT! If you don't like rings you will after watching this DVD! Don't miss this Product or it will be your own fault! Peace, Marius

De' Ring review by Grumpy Owl

So I heard the postman a few days ago and something dropped through the door I looked down and there it was... Handlordz! I knew what it was straight away, ripped it out of the envelope and just held it in my trembling hands and took it out of it's case and put it on... Greeted with the De' Ring title screen, Things to know, Video Montage, Killer Bonuses, etc... I watched the Video Montage first which is, well, a Montage of Video's of De' Ring performances with reactions from real people, it was like I was there with them, I was totally blown away and couldn't believe what I was seeing, my hairs were standing on end and didn't want to blink incase I missed something... Then I watched Things to know which tells you the Laws of De' Ring, What types of rings to use and which ones are best not to use, sizes too big too small etc... Technical overview, as always De's teaching style leaves all others in the dust, easy to follow, clean crisp screens great camera angles for maximum understanding and learning... Great music as usual to keep you jamming whilst practicing... Oh yeah, as for the Killer Bonuses, well, I'll leave them out of this review... But let me say this, they are exactly what it says on the tin - 'Killer!'

An excellent DVD and Concept, which I know without a doubt I will be using in the future, I was looking forward to this DVD, but nothing could prepare me for what was inside, you can times the trailers and the hype by 100 or even more that's how good it is...

This DVD is a must! Don't miss out on this gem! - Grumpy Owl

De' Ring Review by: Webghost - Ulmen Trial competitor

De`vo is crazy for releasing De' Ring! This is the pot of platinum at the end of the golden rainbow. I love moves that are pure skill, without gimmicks and defy logic...De` Ring crushes this category. My review isn't just based on the DVD, it's also based on seeing De`vo perform some of these moves live when I visited Ulmen....so I speak from experience. Now for the review.... It's difficult to write a review after being left speechless.....That being said I will give it a go. The basic concept of De` Ring is simple and genius. To obtain the blinding speeds to make De` Ring work will take a lot of time and training, but the payoff will be well rewarded! De`vo lays down the law, and shows you what makes De` Ring so powerful, including live performance clips to illustrate each important factor regarding De` Rings master keys. De` shows you in great detail what rings to choose, and which to avoid.... This is important so you do NOT get injured!! (Quick side note The menu is logically setup and easy to follow, De` also tells you which sections to view next. This is important to your training.) Something everyone asks for is to see one of De`vos routines...now is your chance. (Side note: The graphics in this section are spectacular and entertaining to watch.) Witness the routine with real life performance clips, (I love the live clips, thank you De`) The expressions and reactions of people watching De` work his skill is awesome! I love the delayed reactions, as people dissect in their heads what just happened...LOL One of my favorite scenes is this lady who had a look on her face like she had superhuman powers, and was going to try and rip De`s ring and finger off in one motion.. LOL....as she tried to get the ring off...her expression changed instantly! You would not believe some of the things people do when they attempt to remove the ring from De`s finger. Yes the ring is tight. Learn a few comedic ways to deal with people trying to remove the fingers from your hand, as well as your ring. You finally get to hear De` say something...during the *****gag....f`n hilarious. Follow along with De` in his mock training performance. This provides you a way to train the routine, and instill the necessary master keys of success. De`vo gives you a very detailed look into each powerful move, and then gives you the principles to develop the speed you'll need to stun, confuse and destroy anyone who witnesses these deadly moves. Now go beyond the core routine and learn other ways to use the De` Ring moves. This includes both manipulative and magical ways to present De` Ring....your choice. Side note: When you nail a move, you will feel and know it! I don't want my review to become a book...so let me just say....De` could've just released the core routine, and we'd all be happy, but he really goes out of his way to give you a variety of moves and then some. The beyond core section to me is already an amazing bonus, and contains a myriad of moves.....but get ready for two more very cool bonuses! The insanity ladder and Gryphon Roll. WOW!!! I love both of these moves, and just like the rest of De` Ring you're going to have to put a lot of time into making these smooth, but it'll be worth the effort. The Gryphon roll is very hypnotic and extremely eye pleasing!...I can't wait to get this move down at the correct speed and smoothness...damn I love this move. The insanity ladder....it looks amazing, and you can create a routine just based on this move....you'll understand once you see the advanced ideas! Once you view the DVD and re-watch De` Ring you will have even more of an appreciation of what De`vo has unleashed on us. I can honestly say..."even if I wasn't into learning manipulation, I will still buy De`vo's material!" Thank you De` another priceless gem. Peace~Webghost

Running Time Approximately 1hr 20min

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Annoying production, a few good moves Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 29th, 2014
(This review is for De'Ring by Devo - DVD)
There are some good moves and advice about rings here and for that, I am glad I saw it, but the DVD has so many menus and introductions that you waste about 40 minutes watching computer generated graphics and waiting for the intros to finish and the menus to become active so you can actually learn something. Once you get through all the overdone production, there is about 10 minutes of good instruction here. There is really only one basic move and the rest are variations in presentation--but they are good. I will learn from it and practice the moves, but I hate the thought of having to put the DVD back in again to pick up on the subtleties.
I should also mention that the magician never speaks and his face is blurred out in the live scenes.
If you are really interested in ring magic and want to learn a new move, then get this, but be prepared to be annoyed. The DVD would have benefited greatly from having an editor that would have left 90% of it on the cutting room floor.
2 of 2 magicians found this helpful.
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Nice Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 22nd, 2015
(This review is for De'Ring by Devo - DVD)
One problem I have with this DVD is that is is not very good audio and picture also the moves are just looking all the same
1 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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Real magic Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 8th, 2010
(This review is for De'Ring by Devo - DVD)
This DVD is full of amazing manipulations. De'vo's ring routine looks like real magic, especially as smoothly as he performs it. You can do it too, though it will require a great deal of work. There are a bunch of different types of manipulations for different types of rings. the only difficulty I had was trying to find a ring that would work properly in both size and design. I would probably skip this if you are like me and have smaller that average hands, which is why i gave it a 4. Otherwise, get this. You will have a lot of fun and you can wear your props on your hands.
1 of 2 magicians found this helpful.
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Disappointed Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 12th, 2017
(This review is for De'Ring by Devo - DVD)
A one slight trick with a few suggested moves. Most of the DVD was a meaningless filler.
Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review?
excellent tricks Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 15th, 2014
(This review is for De'Ring by Devo - DVD)
It's just blowing mind you can use it any time any where, & add it with any other ring tricks. It's perfectly suitable wot all kind
0 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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Like XCM with rings Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 14th, 2013
(This review is for De'Ring by Devo - DVD)
A lot of manipulations and tricks in one DVD!
Step by step De'Vo show you the basics and advance moves!
Practice to be the master of rings!
0 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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