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do i have to tie loops my self or do they come pre manufactured? (tied).

I just ordered some loops and was wanting to know if I have to tie knots in them to make the loop or do they come as a loop pre manufactured?

Asked at 08:19pm on January 22nd, 2014 by nevarious (1 karma)
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No, I recommend this instead:

Yes, it's super quick and easy to create a loop, all you have to do is just tie a knot to connect the two ends. Easy.

Also, do NOT use this old style Mesika thread. Mesika thread is even weaker than kevlar thread. Vetra line thread and Vectra line elastic thread (which loops SHOULD be made out of) is MUCH STRONGER than Kevlar and will NOT break. USE VECTRA thread for everything except in direct sunlight. It's really strong and has the same exact visibility characteristics as kevlar.

Also, there is even thiner more invisible thread called virtuoso (or something like that spelling) which is even thinner and more invisible than Kevlar thread with the same strength as Kevlar. It will work in bright sunlight without being seen and has the same strength as Kevlar. Unfortunately, this new virtuoso type is not yet available in elastic thread.

Always buy Vectra thread (both regular and elastic) for inside work or in the shade outside. Buy virtuoso thread for use outside in the sun or under bright flouresant lighting.

I used Vectra thread to levitate an eight ball up off the pool table and into the spec's selected pocket. Also, it's great to float a deck of cards out of your shirt pocket and into your hand to start a set of card tricks. This will grab everyone's attention immediately.

Great things can be done with loops besides the standard stuff. You can even magically cut a deck on the table without touching it, then clap your hands. When you clap your hands, the spec's card that you just cut to, will jump up into the spec's hands face up. Loops do some really cool things.

Hope this helps.
Don Itjen

Answered at 03:31pm on October 6th, 2014 by ditjen (-3 karma)
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Loops by Yigal Mesika (sold in 5 packs) come pre-tied out of Mesika Elastic Thread. Alternatively, we sell a download called The Million Dollar Knot that comes with Legacy Elastic Thread which explains how to tie your own loops.

I recommend started with pre-tied loops and moving on to tying your own if that appeals to you.

Answered at 02:15pm on June 17th, 2014 by Popchris (209 karma)
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