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Hi There! Psypher 2.0 Question

Hello, I was wondering if you would recommend Psypher 2.0 by Robert Smith over a center tear. Which would you say to be easier to find out written info.
Thanks! :)

Asked at 07:52pm on September 1st, 2014 by myhouse (55 karma)
3 Answers
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The center tear is much more practical,
and all you need is a single business card
and ANY writing utensil.

You don't need to carry a special pad
and a marker everywhere you go (who carries a marker on them...not natural).

The best center tear is probably R2D2, by Doug Dyment.
It's ten times better than Think Pink,
and better than Osterlind's as well.

2nd best CT is either Jas Jakutsch's or Bruce Bernstein's.

Or, possibly even better than a CT, is a peek like Alain Bellon's Obsidian Oblique, which is amazingly good. You don't even need to tear up the business card.

Equal to Obsidian Oblique is Millard Longman's Acidus Novus.

Answered at 01:44pm on June 21st, 2015 by Brainbuster (10 karma)
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Okay thanks! I'll check it out ! :)

Answered at 03:31pm on September 2nd, 2014 by myhouse (55 karma)
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Great question! Personally I find Psypher to be easier and more reliable because the information can be immediately retrieved and read whereas a center tear risks ruining parts of what was written down.

If you're interested, THINK PINK (Complete) is a GREAT resource for learning center tear style peeks which I think you should check out.

Answered at 01:36pm on September 2nd, 2014 by girspiggy (2380 karma)
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