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I get your weekly promos. How are the items picked, why should I look at these, and is it purely based on what you have to move?

Asked at 02:57pm on October 28th, 2013 by timtrono (71 karma)
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Penguin sends promotional emails 1 or 2 times per week. This means only 50-100 items can receive this special attention per year.

Here are the factors that go into selecting the items we feature in promotional emails:

1. The most important consideration is the attention and trust we've earned with our newsletter subscribers. Will our subscribers enjoy watching the demo and learning about the item? Will this email help us earn more attention? We're always looking to deepen and improve the relationship we have with our subscribers. Our list only has value if we've earned the attention of our readers and they choose to open the email.

2. The next consideration is the potential increase in sales/profit from promoting the item. A great item will inspire customers from around the world to place an order. A great item will make customers love Penguin. A disappointing item will weaken our relationship with customers. We're looking for fantastic items that delight our customers and their spectators.

3) The next consideration is the relationships we have with producers/manufacturers. Our ability to promote an item is often a factor in a producer choosing to supply an item to Penguin exclusively. Some producers/manufacturers give Penguin special terms or compensation in exchange for the time and money we spend promoting their item.

4) I'll put this last, but it may be the most important consideration. We promote the items we love. Acar, Tim, Steve, Daniel, Mert, Chris, Mark, Luke, Oz, Jay, Rick, and the other magicians at Penguin over the years all have their own tastes, and these definitely come through in the items we promote. When you love an item it's very hard to keep quiet about it.

Why should you pay attention?

That's up to you. We keep working to get better over time so we can help you have fun and achieve your goals as a performer of magic.

Some magicians visit Penguin every day to see what's new. Others sit back and wait for the emails to tell them what's exciting. Either way is fine with us.

Answered at 01:15pm on October 29th, 2013 by maxwell (10 karma)
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Not based on what there is to move. Rick and Justin got a bunch of items, and selected the ones they liked best. They focus on the stuff THEY like; not the stuff we hope that they like. Of course, we're always pleased when our likes line up!! ;)

Answered at 03:42pm on October 28th, 2013 by AnswerGuy (45 karma)
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Thanks, Maxwell! (And whoever asked this question.) Something I've always wondered about...all the factors that go into this decision.

Answered at 01:59pm on October 31st, 2013 by ricklax1 (100 karma)
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