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I love to find hidden great magic. What are some items that are not popular but worth looking at?

Asked at 02:46pm on October 28th, 2013 by timtrono (71 karma)
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Figurine by Lennart Green is tops. You take a piece of straw wrapper or napkin, form it into a perfect figurine or statue, and immediately destroy it. If you saw me or anyone do it you’d want to start using it. It’s great as it’s not a magic “trick” but some seemingly impossible thing. They really believe you did it. Just great.

Another is Barehand Bill Production by Juan Pablo. Anything Juan has created you should look at but this is a very visual and extremely strong barehanded bill production.

The Thought of Cards Across on the Bob White DVD “A Practical Approach.” It’s hard to beat this.

Pocket Coins by Mark Mason and Wayne Dobson. It will be out soon with select dealers and is great. Imagine a spectator picks up some various coins, selects one and their coin disappears while in their pocket.

Sinful (Book/DVD). One of the all time great tricks to do at someone’s house, a bar, etc. A signed coin in borrowed beer or soda can. It was very popular but largely forgotten now.

Scratch by Chad Long. If you see Chad do the change of the bill in this you’ll want it. So clever and again an effect here people think it’s real and not some magic trick.

Four Quarters by Magick Balay. A fast, visual, and practical mismade bill routine that kills.

Audio Transposition by Daryl. The SOUND of two childrens' toys transpose. The method is brilliant and you are clean before you apparently start. Daryl does a really nice routine talking about the first trick he ever did as a kid. Great.

Jacob’s Ladder from Daniel Garcia’s Symphony. A great slow motion penetration of a bill through a rubber band. Great to use with Dan Hauss’ Rubber Thruhand or Calen Morelli’s Transit.

Clean Thru Clear Thru by Lonnie Chevrie. Two great visual strong bill penetrations with borrowed unprepared bills.

Reset by Mickael Chatelain The card appearing on the deck as you tap it with a credit card looks like trick photography. It’s a great ending to an ambitious card. Super visual.

Cornered by Joshua Jay. A borrowed bill vanishes and appears anywhere you want it to including in their wallet. Killer.

iVanish. An amazing vanish of a coin that looks real. When I first saw this in person it freaked me out and fooled me.

Oddballs. DVD of great unusual spongeball magic. The copper silver spongeball routine is great.

Astor’s Pocket Illusion. An amazing, fooling recreation of a stage trick done close up. Brilliant method that will fool you.

One for the Money by Bill Goldman. This was a DVD released by Bob Kohler. This is a super simple card trick but it just fries people. It can be done with a borrowed, incomplete shuffled deck.

Answered at 11:28pm on October 28th, 2013 by timtrono (71 karma)
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My friend Bizzaro recently put out a card trick called THREEK. In it, you have a card selected and signed, returned to the deck, and then you take a fork, STAB IT INTO THE DECK, and it goes through all the cards, stopping at the signed selection. It's a perfect restaurant/walk-around trick...and I've NEVER SEEN ANYBODY PERFORM IT. A true hidden gem.

The card is really signed. There's no complex setup. It's funny. It's visual. I'm not sure how or why this trick flew below everybody's radar, but I'd definitely consider it "unpopular" and "worth looking at."

Also, Ultimate Bainwave by Card Shark is amazing, and I've never seen anybody do it. This trick will FOOL YOUR PANTS OFF. Expensive, but high quality and wildly deceptive!

Answered at 10:39am on November 8th, 2013 by ricklax1 (100 karma)
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