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Penguin Lecture vs Penguin "live" Act

What's the difference? Same thing? Why the name change then. Thanks.

Asked at 04:31pm on May 30th, 2019 by donnyxxx (-2 karma)
2 Answers
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I believe the name change refers to the fact that one is an act as opposed to a couple of tricks taught live.

In Michael Ammar's live lecture (one you should absolutely buy if you have not done so) he performs a trick or two and then teaches it. He repeats this for 2.5 hours.

In Gazzo's live act he performs a bit of comedy, ambitious card routine, egg bag, and cups & balls. Only after the performance does he teach everything. The thought being you can see an entire structured act and get something out of the stagecraft and not just the effects.

Answered at 05:03pm on May 31st, 2019 by docmilanowski (8 karma)
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The LIVE lecture is just a lecture.

It is very freeform according to the magician's tastes. There is a live audience of magicians, a host (usually Dan Harlan) and the secrets and tricks are usually the focus. The format tends to be trick, reveal, trick, reveal, etc. Sometimes the magicians would mix in more information or deviate from that format but that's generally

The LIVE Acts are a lot more specific.

They usually start out with a 15 to 60-minute complete act performed in front of a live audience. You watch the entire act without any cuts and then the magician breaks it down. Most of the lectures get really detailed. They mention each piece and how to obtain the props. They discuss the way they organize their props and why they chose the material they do in performance. This explanation portion is not usually in front of a live audience, it is usually just Dan Harlan and the magician. When you order a LIVE Act you get tricks and how to perform them, but you also get a complete professional act that you can start with as you create your own act.

Answered at 09:10pm on June 2nd, 2019 by joshburch (244 karma)
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