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What effects do you recommend with credit cards? Bills?

Asked at 03:01pm on October 28th, 2013 by timtrono (71 karma)
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One of the real strengths of magic with money (paper) or credit cards is that these are always in your wallet and thus you are always able to show your magical abilities at the drop of a hat. There are some wonderful sources for effects with bills or credit cards.

Money DVD by Jay Noblezada is a great resource for numerous effects. In particular, I would encourage you to look at 3 effects in this DVD. “Two Dollar Window” is an extremely visual change of a $2 into two $1 and it is one of those extremely visual, practical, fast, and magical effects that you will always use. “5 and a Transpo” is a great, practical, and strong version of the classic bill transposition. Finally, is Joshua Jay’s “Cornered.” Imagine you borrow a bill, have the spectator tear off a corner, make the bill vanish anywhere and the corner matches. Read that again.. . THEY can finish the tear and the bill can appear anywhere. It’s not your typical torn corner thing, it’s not Intercessor with a bill… it’s just great. This is THE method to use for bill to lemon, etc. Two of these items are available as downloads through Penguin and I think once you see thee you will want the whole DVD.

Second, a really overlooked item…. Clean Thru-Clear Thru DVD by Lonnie Chevrie. Lonnie is one of those guys who top names such as Bob Sheets, Chad Long, etc. rave about though he is a real underground guy. Here he teaches just two items with ordinary borrowed bills. The first is an extremely visual finger through bill. This is the first item I ever saw Lonnie do years ago and it looks like magic. The method is really clever. Second, Lonnie shows and teaches a bill through bill reminiscent and inspired by Andrew Mayne’s “Ghost Bills.” Again, just great, simple, visual with borrowed bills. If you get this DVD and like it you should also check out Andrew Mayne’s “Ghost Bills” and also his “Infusion” if you can find a copy.

A great effect is the mismade bill. There are numerous versions of this out there but one of the strongest is Magick Balay’s “Four Quarters”. If you change a $1 to a $100 your spectator’s will know you did something tricky (though they will be amazed) but if you do the mismade bill well they oftyen actually believe you somehow have changed the structure. It’s strange. They BUY it.

Obviously one of the resources you should buy is one I am very proud of and worked for quite some time on with John Lovick “Switch” book. This book was initially my idea and John write it and we worked very closely to create what I consider one of the more important books in magic. In particular do not overlook David Harkey’s bill change in this book. When David sent me a video (yes a video) of him doing this years ago it was what inspired me to want to get together a collection of the best bill changes in magic. Years ago I produced a DVD with Kevin King titled “Money Morph” and it is still one of the best bill switches/changes out there… it’s fast, flowing, and visual.

There are some amazing multiple bill changes as created by Patrick Page and popularized by Fred Kaps. Most noticeably are Hundy 500, Extreme Burn, Heiny 500, etc. If you could do real magic this is an effect you’d do. You’d pick up some bills and make them bigger. Each has important aspects and if you are going to do this trick study all of the resources.

There was a great monthly series in Magic Magazine with bill routines by Greg Wilson. This was really overlooked but had some great magic in it. Do yourself a favor and go back and look this series up.

With credit cards I’d recommend Twister’s Dollar Bill to Credit Card 2.0. It’s super-fast, over in 2 second, and amazingly visual. Charlie Frye uses and carries this all of the time. I’ve seen him destroy people with it and walk away leaving them shaking their heads. Credit Cash by Joshua Jay is a similar type of effect available from Penguin Magic as a download and is really great. Lastly along these lines is Justin Miller’s Ka-Ching which is a bonus effect on the DVD he did with Paul Harris titled First Hand. I liked this trick better than the main item and it is a really visual change of a credit card, gift card, or loyalty card into several bills.

Menny Lindenfeld has some nice effects with credit cards. He will be doing a Penguin Live lecture soon and I’d encourage you to inquire to see these effects.

In SuperSlim Hip Pocket Mullica (With DVD) by Paul Harris and Tim Trono there is a great transposition of a spectator’s license with your driver’s license created by Paul Harris.

Answered at 08:46pm on October 28th, 2013 by timtrono (71 karma)
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Bizzaro's Bill Breaker is easy, fast and visual:


Answered at 02:18pm on October 30th, 2013 by AnswerGuy (45 karma)
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Beyond Holely by Will Tsai.

Answered at 08:54am on November 9th, 2013 by xdoyaha (3 karma)
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I would add David Regal's Restored Credit.

Answered at 09:03am on October 29th, 2013 by s_branham (149 karma)
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