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> Copycat by David Parr

A charming combination of genius, thoroughness and humility Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 3rd, 2018
I have purchased Copycat as soon as I've read the information that came thru e-mail. I have never jumped into an effect before, but there was something in it, besides the fact that it fooled Penn & Teller, that drew me to the purchase.

The effect couldn't be cleaner, simpler, more magical and practical.

But what made me write this review is the amazing care that David Parr has put into the explanation.

He is a down-to-earth, tender, disciplined, respectful and very well educated magician. And I say this because I have seen magicians every day of my life for thirty years now, and almost none of them have these desirable characteristics.

I have purchased hundreds of effects and DVD's and lectures, and I have very seldom seen someone so pleasant to "be with" during a lesson in magic. He not only says that he has performed the effects hundreds of times, it shows in his demeanor, and his tremendous care for little details, that I believe only professional magicians, and amateurs who really put deep thinking into their magic will appreciate.

The simplest props, the simplest preparation, the immediate reset, the clean procedure, the hands on for the spectator, the lack of need to talk or explain things, and so on.

Beautiful experience, great effect, many thumbs up for David Parr and Copycat.

Thank you, David, for such a charming offer to the magic fraternity.

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Apr 04th 2018 8:43pm
Hi there. I'm not really good at slight of hand. Would that make a difference in this amazing trick?

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Apr 05th 2018 7:42am
The moves required are minimal. You should get this effect.

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Apr 09th 2018 6:23pm
Indeed, there are no "sleights" to speak of in this effect. All of the "moves" required are easy to do even for beginners, so you should not have any trouble at all.

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Apr 10th 2018 12:07am
Thanks to everyone who answered my question. I feel much better about this trick now! Will order!

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Apr 10th 2018 2:21pm
Do I have to have good eye sight for this trick?

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Apr 11th 2018 4:06pm
I haven’t bought it yet. However, i dont think you will need good eyesight since both the decks are examinable.

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Apr 17th 2018 2:24pm
Marked decks are examinable but require good eyesight.....that's why I asked

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Jul 18th 2018 11:48am
You do not need good eyesight to perform this effect. When Parr performed on FU he left off the bit requiring good eyesight. It’s not needed.

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Jan 23rd 2019 6:51am
Hi, just a little idea required, does it use double sided tape.

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