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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 2nd, 2018
I understand this was designed to fool Penn & Teller. But, why would anyone else want to make these gimmicks and do the beforehand set-ups...when you could simply perform-- totally impromptu-- "You Do as I DO" with NO gimmicks or preparation... and get the same effect!?

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Jul 03rd 2018 1:59pm
Hi. David Parr here. The fact is, I didn’t design Copycat to fool Penn & Teller. I designed it to fool and entertain the people who bought tickets to see my show in Chicago each week, and I performed it for nearly a year before I was invited to be on Fool Us. If the impromptu key-card version of You Do As I Do played exactly the same — from an audience point of view — as what I came up with, I’d be doing the impromptu version instead. But they don’t play the same. And the familiar key-card version of You Do As I Do is relatively easy for a layperson who is paying attention to reverse engineer, especially with multiple viewings. At last week’s show, someone in my audience said that he’s seen my show four times now, and many others indicated that they’ve seen the show twice. When I asked how many people in the audience saw me on Fool Us, half the audience indicated that they had. Nevertheless, I can be fairly certain that not one of those people figured out the method for Copycat, even though they watched me on TV and saw me perform it live. That’s why I’m performing Copycat in my show, and not the You Do As I Do that I learned when I was ten years old. Matt Groening once said that, in creating The Simpsons, he wanted to make a show that rewards people for paying close attention. That’s what I’m aiming for as well.

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Jul 07th 2018 7:58am
Nice reply David. I really love your work.

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Jul 10th 2018 12:20am
Thank you, wdon

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Jan 23rd 2019 6:58am
Hi Great to see here that a magician replied, I am from india and learning magic I found this trick awesome but as I am new and so do not want my decks to spoil or use for 1 trick only so just want to know if it can be done with a borrowed deck or I have to make some gimmick for this trick, thinking to buy it but confused. Plz help :)

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Feb 15th 2019 9:18am
Such a great reply, David. Maybe you can answer this for me- Why would I drive a Porsche when I could easily ride the tricycle I owned as a child instead?

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Feb 18th 2019 8:52am
Ankurarora143: No, Copycat cannot be performed with borrowed decks

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Feb 18th 2019 8:53am
animatron: Thanks! You funnee!

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