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> Little Vernon by John Carey

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 8th, 2018
A very simple and powerful trick, which can be done with any deck, for sure (even if I prefer to do it with a marked deck).

I give it only 4 stars because this trick cannot really be repeated to the same spectator, or you might give some serious clues.

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Jul 08th 2018 3:00am
Do you regularly repeat tricks to the same spectator? It’s surprising (to me at least) that you would grade a magic trick based on how repeatable it is for the same spectator. By that rationale, no trick should get 5 stars becaus every trick gives away clues when you repeat it.

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Jul 08th 2018 10:16am
@acar. I mean not really. It's a good quality to have in an effect, repeatability, maybe not for the same spectators, but if they are within eyesight/earshot away (I don't think it's a NECESSITY in a trick) but maybe if you get the old "Show this to my friend" line and you want to repeat it again because it's that good, or heck, god forbid, you DO want to show something to someone again(an there are many effects that one can repeat if one wishes to, and some in which the mystery actually increases with repeat performances). I think the old adage of "A magicians never repeats the same trick twice" is more of a suggestion than a rule... 6 card repeat and ambitious card are feeling really lonely right about now... Also I think that what the reviewer wanted to point out with the "You can't really repeat it" line was that there is strict/structured procedure involved which might be either too drawn out or easy to figure out on a second viewing (which is a detail I like in a review, it let's me understand the performance parameters of an effect prior to buying it). But, like you said, I don't think that's enough of a reason to take away a star.

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Jul 09th 2018 1:13pm
I *never* repeat tricks. To quote Ammar: "Once is entertainment, twice is education."

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