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> Lit (2018) by Dan White and Dan Hauss

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 8th, 2018
I’ve owned Lit way before penguin sold it. And it’s a great effect. But I’m struggling to understand why it was revisited and put back out as if it were a new effect. Because it’s clearly not. While we’re at it, let’s bring back STS and Money. Why not the DL or the muscle pass. I can see why this comment is the first review. Not everyone appreciates the effort a company tries and resell older effects base off of a television performance. I still have plenty of gimmicks. And there is nothing new in this revisited effect. But that’s just one persons opinion. But as for the actual effect, it’s super solid if you have some decent misdirection skills. And your hands should have windows. None the less, it lacks a big punch when the routine is completely done.

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Jul 08th 2018 8:56pm
I have owned and performed the original to great results, so was glad when it was finally available again.

I'm not sure why you would say it was "put back out as if it were a new effect."

I felt that the ad copy was pretty clear:

"Sold out and unavailable for 8 years, we are extremely excited that LIT is finally back and here to stay with an all-new 50 minute streaming instructional video by co-creator Dan Hauss."

I also disagree that it lacks a big punch, but of course that depends on the performance...

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Jul 09th 2018 8:03am
does this one still teach the self lighting matches

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Jul 09th 2018 11:38am
No, none of the original bonus effects come with the 2018 version. On the plus side, you get a deck of gimmicks.

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Jul 10th 2018 5:13pm
Don't mean to be rude , but im with randym , how much more clear would you like it to be , maybe if it flashed in bright orange it would have been easier to see (the part that says unavailable for 8 years meaning its not a new trick) I really don't understand what your talking about ...

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Jul 12th 2018 10:46am
Well if you have plenty of gimmicks left why are you even mad that is was brought back? You obviously do not perform it then or give the cards away. Also this routine fries everyone if done correctly, and if presented correctly. This routine does not lack a big punch by any means, if anything your presentation lacks a big punch. Also no one said thee was "anything new" this product was brought back and re-leased after being sold out. For actual "performers" who don't store tons of unused cards in their drawer that is a good thing.

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Jul 12th 2018 8:31pm
I’m with the original poster. I was so mad when they brought back Twinkies. I had plenty left. Why reissue it? There’s nothing new. Same old recipe.

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Sep 03rd 2018 1:11am
Maybe the gimmicks were not available on penguin or paper crane after they sold. Possibly theory 11. If I’m not mistaken, theory 11 was selling this back in 2012 - 2013. Meaning this was not unavailable for 8 years. That’s a sales pitch which you seem to have bought. 🤣😂But the gimmicks and tutorial were and still are available else where. Not missing in action for 8 years. I guess anything that has to do with actual research these days is a lost art.
And what’s wrong with Twinkie’s being brought back? You can never have enough twinkies.
I’m entirely confused as to what the dude meant about “ if anything, my presentation lacks a big punch” do I know you? Or do you know me? I’m pretty sure you’ve never seen me perform this ( which I happen to own ) or any magic for that matter. Good old Magicians logic I guess🤦‍♂️.
I never said this wasn’t strong. Which it is. But while we’re at it, we should encourage penguin to revise a double lift tutorial. Or a swing cut. Maybe a simple riffle force. Perhaps how to do a fan🤔.
I bet they’d be popular.

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Sep 03rd 2018 1:14am
I guess I should have read all the comments on here. So I have to apologize for the big punch section of my previous comment. I just recognized you were talking to someone else. So my bad 😒

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