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> Black Flag by Lewis Le Val

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 16th, 2018
This routine is very clever but will require far more than the tiny bit of practice mentioned in the blurb "with just a tiny bit of practice you'll be fooling all your friends as you fly the Black Flag."
There is only one sleight involved but it is not particularly easy to acquire. If you have not already mastered this move then you will require a lot more than the tiny bit of practiced promised. However it is well worth learning to do it.
What Lewis points out is that many of us will be able to quickly learn the move for it is one of the basics that many of us will have attempted and played about with ever since we started to handle a pack of cards for magic. But if you are not a frequent card handler, or didn't have a misspent youth when you were, then you are going to have to put in some serious practice.
I'm almost tempted to name the sleight so you could judge for yourself, but I think Penguin would redact it. But the point is the sleight is not the secret - the secret is what Lewis has discovered the sleight will achieve when performed together with the black flag. It is a very clever idea indeed which does make possible a routine with a stunning effect on an audience. It does need selling strongly but this is a card trick which can be built up to much, much more, than a card trick.
So the three things which might put you off (though they shouldn't) are firstly that it will require practice, secondly that it needs selling and you need some audience management skills, and thirdly it would be pointless to follow this with any other card tricks.
However this is something that once learned will be with you forever. With a pack of cards and hankerchief or bandana and any pack of cards to hand you will have a very strong ACT which can be performed in almost any circumstances and which will build your reputation.

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Oct 19th 2018 5:38pm
The required slight took me about a week to master back when I first learned it. Put in the practice, my friend. If you work with cards, it will serve you well for many other effects.

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Oct 25th 2018 9:16am
DEAR docabuso,
Thank you for the excellent advice! This is a very wise post that will help with anyone on the fence about any good effect.

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