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> Suit Cut to Order by Erik Tait

Man! I love this! - 4.5 Stars Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 15th, 2018
In case you can't tell in the title... Man! I love this!

First off, I'll say it's not a 5 star only because I reserve those for the over-top-blow-my-mind-all-over-the-sofa tricks.

But a 4.5 stars. That's pretty good, right? I'd say it is. In fact, I'll say it is. :-)

Ok, now I gotta say... I saw in someone else's review that that person was turned off by the drunk spectator in the second performance. Well, I guess I'm a little different... I absolutely got a kick outta her. Of course, it was because she was such a lush. She's just like "whaaaaa?!!!" and getting all into it. I have to say that, when I watched it, I thought she alone made this trick worth getting. Just my two cents and it has nothing to do with the trick, but what the hey. To each his own. I liked her. She was a trip. Honestly, spectators like her, I feel, lead the other spectators to loosen up and just enjoy what they're seeing instead of being all eagle-eyed-you're-not-gonna-fool-me.

There was this one point where a smart aleck spectator tries to trip up Erik by not doing what he says exactly and reshuffling the remainder of the packet. Erik was like, "oh yeah? BOOM! Here's yo card fool! Don't want none, don't start none!". He picked the correct card out like it was nothing and I was like that drunk spectator: "Whaaaaaa?!!!". I was impressed with that recovery. * Eric drops the mic *

Now the trick itself... it will require a little... without divulging it... brain power. But I promise, it's very, VERY doable. This trick is awesome and easy and awesome and easy. Any moves you make are basic. If you're a beginner, you'll learn a move or two that'll make you look like you're not a beginner, plus you'll learn a specific principle that will serve you well in your future magic. I love this trick and can't wait to try it. Erik is a very good teacher too. This is definitely a keeper.

And if anyone knows that drunk spectator, send her my way. She'll make all my tricks look 10x better with her reactions. :-)

I highly recommend this trick. I love tricks that allow the spectator to share some of the magic with you. Getting them doing part of the trick takes this to another level.

(By the way, I always try to be honest and straightforward in my reviews, while being respectful to the magician. If you appreciate my reviews, can you please click the "Yes" button below beside the question, "Did this review help you?" It's not like I actually benefit in any way by your clicking it... but it would be nice to see if my reviews are helpful or not. I hope they are. If you ever have suggestions or comments or questions about my reviews, please feel free to leave me a constructive comment. I'm just trying to be helpful. I love the Penguin community and hope that I can someday contribute my own product. :-) Thanks for reading and for any (hopefully positive, but either way, at least kind) feedback!)

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Dec 20th 2018 12:40pm
Very detailed review except for this: "I love this trick and can't wait to try it." Reviewer hasn't tried it yet?......

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Jan 03rd 2019 10:30pm
Sadly, a LOT of "reviews" are done by people that haven't performed the trick yet.

That "can't wait to try it." line shows that this review is more a review of the instructional video and how well Eric performs (no surprise that he performs very well).

This is not to say that the trick is anything less than great, but if you're relying on reviews here (or anywhere for that matter), you need to be very selective about picking out ones that have shown they have actually performed the trick.

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