This must-have tool for mentalists just got WAY BETTER.

> Suspenz (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Eric Bedard and Vortex Magic- Trick

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 21st, 2018
So this is the last time I get ahead and make a purchase before any reviews. No reviews and in the top bestsellers never makes sense to me! Maybe the effect is perfect for camera with music but I personally don't think this is good for live in front of people in the real world. If its something that has existed for a long time, it could have been made with better quality materials, more solid and improved upon. This to me looks like something that was put together in your garage and feels very fragile, not worth the asking price. Im sorry if you don't agree with my opinion.

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Nov 22nd 2018 8:37pm
Thank you for taking one for the team! Martin Breese had a nice double reel watch out awhile back that worked well, but you needed two hands. Nice thing was that the design and construction was quality, and you could wear it at all times if you so chose, for a little impromptu razzmatazz at any time. You can still find them if you look.

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Nov 23rd 2018 12:01pm
Try rostrum. It's a practical effect similar to this but you can spread your cards or anything much farther. The only down side is you can't let go of one hand but you can spread your cards as far as you want and they suspend in air. Just 7 bucks on penguin

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