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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 25th, 2018
Obviously it's good, it's Dani DaOrtiz, but as a relative beginner, the teaching isn't ideal, he assumes we already know certain moves and so didn't bother to teach them - not helpful. As usual, there's a lot more going on than you'd think when watching the act, it's not as easy as he makes it look.

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Dec 25th 2018 4:17pm
Well, yes...there is more going on. That's magic. But he went WAY in depth on useful theory, while explaining amazing magic that might take a little practice - but definitely not knuckle-breaking stuff. I think 3 stars is unfair just because you are a beginner and wanted something easier. Little in life is good that doesn't take a little bit of work. Once you practice more, you will appreciate Dani DaOrtiz way more.

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Dec 26th 2018 10:36am
You can simply look up the moves he is talking about on YouTube, and watch a tutorial their

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Dec 27th 2018 7:25pm
Completely Disagree with the summarization or conclusion or idea that the teachings are not ideal. In my opinion Dani is the best Teacher on Penguin Magic. As Example The Man took 30 Minutes in one Penguin Lecture to explain about 5 minutes of Magic. And this guy is Espanyol which means he talks like a machine gun.
It comes down to one's definition of "Ideal."
But here again I disagree. I wish I had been taught what Dani teaches about justification of the moves, rather than the move itself - earlier rather than later.
Hope you know what I mean. Beginner's should learn this concept very early.
It's essential if you want to do good magic. It's the timing of these techniques and why and if you need them. Isn't that Ideal teaching ?
Completely Agree that it's not as easy as Dani makes it look. But if you think about that - that is a teaching point in itself.
Remember too that Dani fools everybody as he is always, always a step ahead.
No one can do Dani's Style, but his tricks are wide open for your own interpretation. Your own style or story. It's up to you.
But getting his stuff must show you like it and maybe you'll continue to draw from this for years.
I haven't bought this download yet, but Dani's teaching style is constant through everything he does. And therefore I look forward to purchasing this on a special day when I need a Birthday present for ME ! :)
Cheers Happy New Year to come !

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