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> Shadow Splitter by Hui Zheng presented by Rick Lax

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 31st, 2018
Hello. My name is D., and I have OBO--Open Box Obsession.

When I see a product in the Open Box and the price is extremely low, I can't help myself. I click "Add to Cart" and buy it, in spite of the negative reviews and the obvious flaws. This was the case with items like Sealed and Money Shot (both garbage and collecting dust as we speak). My latest fall from grace: Shadow Splitter.

I knew exactly what the gimmick was, and how fragile it would be, and, most important, how utterly useless it would be. I was right. I opened up the little envelope and thought to myself, "You could've bought a burger at Wendy's and enjoyed yourself for at least 10 minutes" compared to the 30 seconds I enjoyed toying with this gimmmick.

Rick Lax, god bless him, does his best to give this thing wings, but it just isn't meant to fly. He mentions Mr. Zheng, a college student, makes these by hand, and it appears he was up late studying while he made mine because it's shoddily put together--terribly cut and off-center.

I'm giving this two stars because I want to give props to Mr. Zheng for creativity, and to Mr. Lax for giving his time sharing ideas.

If you can find this in the Open Box...ugh, buy it if it's super cheap; otherwise, avoid your OBO impulses and go get a cheeseburger from Wendy's. You'll thank me as the heartburn sets in.

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Jan 17th 2019 10:10pm
I have the same obsession! Or OBO as you put it! Lol

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Jan 19th 2019 10:24pm
Glad I'm not alone! We should start a support group. :)

I can't tell you how much crap I've purchased from the Open Box. I'm staring at a big pile of it now. I've even considered buying Reaction Ad-Libs and Seance with Dixie Dooley--two of the worst reviewed items I've seen on Penguin. I have a problem....

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Feb 24th 2019 7:45am
Open box is addictive and I hate that. I'm currently waiting for a Little R&B to show up again

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Mar 17th 2019 8:02pm
Unlike this over-priced garbage that is destined for everyone's magic junk drawer, Dan Harlan's A Little R&B is worth the price...and the wait.

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