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> Mint-O (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Liam Jumpertz

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 25th, 2019
I picked this up and I’m very happy with this purchase... The only reason I gave this 4 stars is because Lifesaver mints are bigger than the gimmick. I tried looking for the Polo mints from the trailer and found out you can only get them in the UK... Good news is Amazon sells the mints, so picked a few up. Even though you have to go out and buy the right size mint, I love this!

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Feb 25th 2019 4:11pm
How easy is this to do? 1 being easiest and 10 the hardest and clean up?

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Feb 25th 2019 4:14pm
Will lifesavers not work at all for this?

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Feb 25th 2019 4:55pm
Honestly i was able to do this right out of the box. In the video he teaches 3 different ways to pull off this effect and they all end clean. So I say its a 1 for “easy” and as far as the lifesavers, yes it will work, all im saying is that lifesavers are way bigger than the gimmick. My guess is that they dont have lifesavers in the UK and have a candy called Polo so the gimmick is based on that candy. It is very easy to find the candy on amazon though. They are cheap!

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Feb 25th 2019 6:09pm
Thanks for your quick response, I’ll get it for sure and order the mints on amazon .

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Feb 26th 2019 5:38pm
So I’m guessing there’s a switch involved?

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Feb 27th 2019 8:06am
I strongly believe that as Magicians or Performers as long you dont really over notice into minor details such as slight size difference of the gimmick and the actual object u borrow. Majority of the audience would not notice it too... Make nenecessary eye contact. Wish my fellow magicians a gr8 time performing this magic.

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Mar 01st 2019 4:23pm
How many gimmicks come with this?

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Apr 07th 2019 7:55am
Hot tip for anyone confused on mint size. A couple of years ago I noticed the discrepancy between the lifesavers gimmick (original linking mints) and the actual lifesavers on the market. But here's the thing, there are two types of lifesaver sizes on the market (maybe more? haven't confirmed). There's a smaller size (the one you got on lifesavers rolls) and the one you get when you buy a bag of individually wrapped lifesavers (we'll call these the big ones). So, if you want lifesavers the size of your gimmick (small), buy the rolls. Where I'm from (PR) I can't find the rolls anywhere, the last one I saw was at a Walgreens circa 2012; but I recently found them on Amazon. Maybe in the states they still sell them at convenience stores or Walmart.

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