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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 6th, 2019
Ok, so I gave it a five star prior, after having it a bit (the black face gold case version, the gold case white face version is still on backorder) I have to take it down a notch. Why? Well, it looks great, the question everyone asks is can it be an everyday watch, before I said yes. Now, I wouldn't say that. Darn thing loses time like a you know what. As an example I set it yesterday around noon and today it's already lost 40 minutes so it does not keep accurate time. Is it the battery? No idea, I don't know where the darn thing is to change it. If you have one of these watches you would know what I mean, inside it's all electronic and I'm sure as heck not going to try and mess with it or take it to some mall watch place. No one will know how to fix it. Is anyone aware of how to replace the battery for just the time piece or is it all one thing or what? They said the battery should last three years.....well....if it's the battery then that sucks because it's been what a week maybe? The gimmick part does what it says it should I'm just a bit more than upset that it loses time if you use it as a watch which it was advertised as being able to do. Does it need to be charged "daily" to have it keep time? I'll try that and see what happens but it should last a couple of days based upon what they say but that hasn't happened. If someone has an answer to this issue let me know, maybe I'm doing something wrong?

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Mar 07th 2019 10:00am
thanks for the post, good to know.
I'm about to cancel my preorder after waiting for three months.
I figured they'd include pretty clear instructions about something as basic as how to change the battery..
This is sounding less appealing the more reviews I read.
Thanks again

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Mar 07th 2019 7:43pm
It's actually a nice looking watch and the gimmick part actually does what it says I'm just bummed that it doesn't keep good time. It loses at least an hour or two in a day so it's more of a "magic trick" than an every day watch, or at least mine is. Maybe the others are not like that.

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Apr 02nd 2019 3:42pm
It can keep time as a normal watch but sometimes it will lose the time because of the battery. You can replace a new battery of the movement. If you have any question´╝î you can contact us first. We will try our best to help you solve the prpblem.

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Apr 25th 2019 6:47pm
Thank you Bluether, I\'ll do that. To be fair I bought another one Gold case white face and it works perfectly so I\'d have to say you\'re probably right regarding the battery. I\'ll contact you and we can figure out how to replace it.

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