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> Voice Testing by Jan Forster

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 11th, 2019
I enjoyed Jan's take on this effect.

I learned the basic principle 20 years ago from a friend who'd independently reinvented it, and I remember how hard I struggled with learning it. Jan's teaching is better than I had then, although I think a slightly different approach might help some learners (the more analytical ones).

I've taught an effect with this principal for 15+ years, and I realized quickly: the instructions you give are absolutely critical ... more so than for any other effect I do. For me, since I recognized the technique, my purchase was motivated by a hope that I'd learn from a professional how to handle problems. (Indeed, watching one of the demos, you can see a point where a major problem *almost* occurred.). But, it lacks that. Sure, I have outs for a lot of effects. But I haven't put the time into thinking about a good one for this effect (and, the out would vary from when you use the technique for playing cards vs. words), so I was disappointed not to find one here.

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May 11th 2019 5:11pm
There is just one (and only one!) point where you have to make sure that happens what you want that happens... this is why I address explicitly the pantomime, using your two forefingers while standing with your back to the spectator. I really found that this makes the procedure very safe!

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