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> REF4M by Blake Vogt

Practice is not a dirty word. Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 26th, 2012
I just had to ring in. What is it with all you people not just on this effect but all over pissing and moaning about having to PRACTICE. That something is not easy. That is what magic is all about. PRACTICE. You have to LEARN the effect and PRACTICE the moves until you can PERFORM the magic without having to think about it. My god. Get out of magic and go do something else. There are some effects that won't require a lot of PRACTICE. But you should still PRACTICE them too. That way you will be a good magician and not one of those morons that make us all look bad. PRACTICE is what separates the magicians from the exposers. Have fun with magic and learn that PRACTICE is not a dirty word.

That being said, this will require quite a bit of PRACTICE. It is what it is. An Impromptu T & R card effect. Your spectator management skills will need to be used to keep grabby people from taking the card. You will want to go into another effect right away to get away from showing the card to much. Have fun.

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Oct 25th 2014 5:48am
I'm tired of magicians crying about how they have to practice some tricks. Practice can be frustrating when trying to learn a new trick or cut, but when you have it down, you can't beat that feeling.

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Jan 31st 2015 2:13am
Dabble I totally agree. It took me at least a week to master the card spring and about a good year to be able to do a clean elmsley count. Magic is not easy. And yes when you perfect it, that feeling is miraculous.

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Jun 11th 2017 10:35pm
I have to agree with Tod from Iowa. You must practice until you don't have to think about the moves at all. I was a craps dealer all over Nevada for almost 30 years. Believe me, that's a game that takes a long time to learn and a lot longer to become comfortable with. It takes most craps dealers about 2 to 3 years to really get into the game. That's the point!....the mechanics of anything cannot be thought about if you hope to be proficient at a move or a series of moves. This applies to all the arts...use practice as a meditation. Use as a way to sit down, relax and allow your self to become immersed in the session...Namaste

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