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> Psypher PRO by Robert Smith

It's Okay. DVD is crap. It's an ok device, but certainly not even worth $15. Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 21st, 2012
As these devices go, this is okay.
It's not worth the money, especially when a tear or peek costs nothing but the time it takes to practice, and you can't lose the skill. You can lose this pad, and the marker will run out. You'll need to buy replacements.

Therefore, having lost my pad, and shelled out $50 for this, it was worth when I had it, about $10. A neat way to discern written info. It is now worthless.

However, my R2D2 or Obsidian/Oblique are priceless and I will never lose them.

The DVD it comes with is not helpful.
He doesn't show you the potential of this sort of device.
If you have a device or skill that will gain you admittance into the innermost thoughts of a fellow human being, why would you tell them to think of a card? It's even worse than that. He then tells them to write it down. That's already two compromises. He might as well have them select a card, use it to find a page in a book, then choose the first word on that page, and write down that word, then put it in his wallet.

If you want to tell a spec what card they're thinking, then force a card on them and tell them what they are thinking. I've done this many times and they are always more blown away than Robert Smith's spectators who had to write it down.

Better yet, why use cards in the first place? When I have specs think of a card, it's because I can convincingly force a card on them better than forcing any thought or memory. Robert Smith, instead of asking a girl to think of the first boy she fell in love with, or the name of a pet she grew up with, or something compelling and virtually infinite, he restricts her choice to 52 objects that have a strong association with trickery and sleight of hand.
Instead of her telling her friends later, "He knew who I fell in love with in middle school!" or "He knew the name of my cocker spaniel from when I was a little girl!" and her friends will reply, "Oh my god! I can't believe you met someone like that!" Instead she will tell her friends, "He did this clever card trick. You should see it. It was really neat. He knew what card I picked." Her friends will say, "Oh, cool. I had an uncle who did card tricks..."

In short, Robert Smith should stop performing on the street and start selling pencils from a cup.

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Feb 06th 2015 11:13am
Your review makes a lot of sense. I appreciate your honest and sometimes funny opinion!


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Oct 21st 2015 5:25pm
I agree ....

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Nov 26th 2015 8:07pm
The Name and Card routine has a person thinking of a name of someone, so you could very well do very much with that. You could easily ask them to think of the very first person they were in love with or someone very dear to them who has passed on and offer to play a little game with the spirit of their loved one...I see much potential in this device and yes I think the first routine is bunk but I name and card is very nice and I am going to come up with a compelling presentation for that in time. Very easy to gimmick a notebook though :) Anyways, I agree, he is not using it for "mentalism" which connects to the person's psyche in an intimate way, but that does not mean this is a bad device or that a mentalist thinking outside of the magician's box will not come up with great ideas based upon a couple routines he shares on the DVD.

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Dec 13th 2015 10:45pm
I'm now using the Parapad (which I prefer over the Psypher)
and I'll tell you the bits of info I divined
at my latest 2 shows:

1. The time of day her son was born, and his name, Ben.
2. The breed of her dog at home.

On the 2nd one, I'll add that there was some time delay
between when she wrote the breed and when I revealed it,
and I told her to keep the page in her pocket as I may use it later.

After several minutes of performing other tricks at this show,
I took her hand in front of everyone (nobody else saw that she wrote anything down), sniffed her hand quickly, and said, "You have a dog at home.... a cockapoo?"

She literally screamed, "How did you know I have a cockapoo??~! Who told you I have a cockapoo? Only one other person knows that!"

Imagine the stories she's now telling about me, the man who somehow knew she had a cockapoo at home. Compare that with Robert Smith's
'I'm trying so hard to be cool that you'd think Blaine killed my dog this morning' delivery of, "You're thinking of the 4 of diamonds."

Surprising, yes. But there's no slow burn effect with the card divination.

And one more thing. I've had instances where I actually correctly guessed someone's card, by accident, a miracle (if you toss out a guess enough times it happens). In one such instance, I heard that story told in these words, "He got my card."

I forget now the exact words but it was something like the above.
Anyone who heard that story knows nothing about what happened and probably believed that I had her take a card then return it to the deck and then spent a couple minutes finding it. That won't happen with the cockapoo.

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May 23rd 2016 10:41pm
I actually have performed the Name and Card routine quite a bit over the last six years. This never falls to get stunned looks and silence. I think that the OP has quite a few good points as well as everyone who posted comments. I find the routines lacking on the DVD; it is too playing card centric and really doesn't show what one can do with this device. The impression is hard to read and failed me on several occasions when I was road testing it. It has been on the bottom of my magic drawer for the last 5 years.

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