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Jinxed - A Honest Review Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 9th, 2014

* A Question and Answer (3/10):

This effect is a weak opener, just more of the same if you're not new to mentalism. There's nothing new or that hasn't been already explained on Practical Mental Effects - Use of env*******s by Annemann himself. The rest is just Peter's acting and a lot of talking.

* Life Equation (8/10):

Very decent and smart effect. Definitely my favorite of DVD 1 and one of the few I would probably use with a few tweaks here and there so the methodology doesn't become obvious, otherwise it can't be repeated for the same group twice.

Also, there's no explanation as of performing it for stage so I assume it can only be done for one on one mentalism.

* Rosie Red (4/10):

Even though the performance looks amazing and the concept it's not bad, there's a BIG catch to it - and it's obviously writing down. Might as well use any other kind of p**k device and get the job done, looking much more fair also to the spectators.

He later discusses the Slate # 2 which if anything at all, it's not a bad idea but it's completely unreliable to perform to anyone that's a skeptic and it's not surefire
(as a lot of the material on the dvds) so that takes away points from it.

Also, Peter says more of his "If I dont fail it doesn't matter" and I doubt you would honestly want to say this on your paid gigs all the time.

DVD 1 - Average Rating = 5 / 10

* Finger Finger (2/10):

More than "Finger Finger", I would call this one more like "Filler Filler". Just a very and well known old f***e applied to the effect, nothing absolutely new and as most of the dvd's material, it can fail most of the times.

Nothing more to say about this one, could be better left out of the DVD. Sure, Peter as usual says he doesn't care about failing but I wonder if your audiences would really be happy with performers failing all the time, I guess not.

* Cigarette Divination (5/10):

The method for what is shown in the video performance is so obvious that it's the first one that came into my mind as soon as I saw it. Of course, nothing is examinable by the spectators.

Peter provides a handling with an imaginary box of cigarrettes which hits 50% of times with an unjustified procedure that makes it work half of the times you try it.

Not everything that shines is gold.

* Locking Keys (2/10):

Although the premise of the effect is interesting, the method is made up of 2 parts, the first one is reliable and explained in classic mentalism books, but the second part is something that is completely unreliable.

Another one with great presentation that ultimately disappoints.

* A Slate and a Number (9/10):

The closer is a nice routine that relies very heavily on DR, it's pretty risky as you're playing with the perception of several participants, but it's a very well thought effect which I enjoyed in general. Best effect of the second DVD for sure.

DVD 2 - Average Rating = 4.5 / 10

Overall Rating = 2.4 / 5

* Conclusion

It seems this whole "Mentalism is not about method but presentation" has been taken too seriously by people like Peter, who has released in here a bunch of effects that don't live up to the overhype of this DVD or to the title of the original Practical mental effects book, as I would doubt the presented effects are practical if any at all, let's hope for the sake of Mentalism, this doesn't become a trend.

At almost 200 USD, I would recommend to stay away from this and either buy the original book from Annemann or even Richard Osterlind's 6 Set DVDs, you will learn a lot more from his vast years of experience.

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Nov 04th 2014 3:46am
Could not agree with this review anymore. Shockingly overpriced and even the presentations just drags on and on...

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Feb 24th 2015 10:13am
Thank You for an honest review. I'm getting more concerned about the confusion that Peter Turner has created between 'freeform mentalism' and chancing your arm with bs. It's just a lazy, haphazard approach that is FAR too hit and miss for professional use. I've voiced my concerns in reviews of Mr Turner's work but Penguin has never published those, only my positive reviews of other people. I'm with you on this one - stick to an established pro like Osterlind if you really want to learn.

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Oct 01st 2015 9:37am
I have to agree that Peter's work seems to be more about "rambling" than it is about enhancing the presentation. At this price, it's just not worth it. Stick with guys like Maven, Osterlind, Cassidy

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Nov 30th 2015 7:18pm
I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees the emperor is naked.

I also agree about all of the melodramatic monologues that sound more like romance novels than performance pieces or even psychic readings.
IMO, such rhapsodic waxing could only be appropriate in a one-on-one performance.

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Feb 20th 2016 5:23pm
I agree with your review though A Lock and A Key is indeed very reliable. I always get great reactions when doing this pin code revelation. 8/10 from me.

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Feb 26th 2016 7:15am
I think this review misses the whole point of understanding the importance of Peter Turner's work (and much of what you see on Jinxed is also littered in bits and pieces throughout all of his past work). This is not an examination of methods. It's more of an examination of how methods are not all that important as long as they get the job done but instead, the value is in the presentation.

Look at what much of the well respected mentalists have structured virtually half their live shows around in the past few years, Q&A. What is Q&A? It's virtually all presentation and patter which connects with the audience. It's really the reason why psychics/palm readers/etc. has been around for seemingly forever. People find mystery, inspiration, guidance, and ultimately a lot of value in readings.

For example, Luke Jermay's Mind DVD set. That is probably his most mature and comprehensive work he has ever released. Over half of that set deals with essentially giving readings. You're performing mentalism, you're not performing a card trick. Mentalism is dependent, on face value, entirely on your words and how you relate to your audience. Method really is irrelevant. Billets, a pencil, and an audience. One should be able to do an entire show with just those three things. Do you REALLY need a gajillion clever methods to do one thing, which is to gain information which you ultimately dress up and vocalize back to your participant and audience? If you're a mentalist, it's implied that you read minds. The whole plot of reading minds is well, limited to really just reading minds. Sure you can throw PK into your show or other demonstrations of mentalist powers but when you add such variety, now you're no longer all that credible as a mind reader and come off more as simply an entertainer. What happens when you are viewed as a mere entertainer? NOW people start thinking about how you are doing what you are doing, you've taken the inherent mystery out of what you do by trivializing what you do.

So yes, if you came into this with the hopes of learning clever new methods, this is not the product for you. I mean, who is actually impressed with clever methods? Other performers, that's it. Unless you are sadly performing in magic clubs or for just family and friends, clever methods are really irrelevant and in reality you just need a few solid methods.

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