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> Limitless by Peter Nardi

Limitless is somewhat limited Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 1st, 2015
First off, let me say that I REALLY like this effect and the concepts applied by Mr. Nardi in accomplishing the routines included.
The problem is, it is not 100% as described in the demo and instructions. I have performed this (5) times to date and two of those times the spectator picked another card other than the one I was counting on. This is not good and is, I think, misleading at best in the overall reviews presented.
Also, a lot of thought goes into this effect, but at no time in the DVD does Mr Nardi or his accomplice tell you HOW to set up this deck and where to position the DOES make a difference. To me, this was an oversight that is inexcusable. Great routines are meaningless if the gimmick does not perform as stated.

A good effect, but just be aware of the shortcomings...and at this price for a deck of cards, inexpensive gimmick, and short DVD, all should have been covered in greater detail.

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Feb 09th 2015 8:45pm
I agree that he made it seem like it is fool proof, but in short I have not seen that it is automatic you are going to get the outcome you are looking for. Perhaps my set up is slightly wrong, but he spent very little time talking about the mechanics which are to be non. I love the concept too I am just not sure it works as well as advertised.

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May 03rd 2015 12:47pm
I completely agree. My batting average with this one is one hit in every seven tries. The Invisible Deck has had to bail me out of trouble on so many occasions. Limitless is one of my greatest disappointments, and I don't know if there is any possible way around it.

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Aug 13th 2015 5:30pm
I agree with the above comment , not much at all covered on the most important moment/moments of the trick . Strange , because , I feel anything connected to Peter Nardi Is gold , maybe im not doing it right but , I too find it , not reliable , but i keep trying and like the classic force if they dont choose ' The Card ' be certain you have your out...

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