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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 16th, 2015
One should review a product based on the quality of the product. Who cares if you're capable of doing it or not. Honestly, after 33 (?) years of doing card magic you should be able to do it with no problem or at least be knowledgeable about what it entails based on the demo. Its not that hard.
Its not the products fault that you're incapable of performing this beautiful piece of magic. You deserve 2 stars...the product deserves 5.

With that being said, this is wonderful. If you have a few years experience under your belt and you love to practice...not to mention you've progressed the way in which you should, then you'll absolutely love this.

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Nov 18th 2015 11:50pm
The reviewer below might want to think as well before he cast stones at another. You obviously disagree with his appraisal of this trick (which he bought and tried to learn, did you?) and found it beyond his level of expertise. Who cares if he finds it too advanced to do well? I DO! Read your review again and think about how unfair YOU are.

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Mar 06th 2016 1:17pm
No! No one cares about his skill level. He's supposed to be reviewing the trick (strength, construction, production quality etc) not his inability to do it. What is the deal with people being so sympathetic in magic. Be real the guy. If he sucks, if you suck, don't blame it on the product. Take responsibility for your own lack of work.

That's why there is so much bad magic these days. People are too nice.

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May 04th 2016 8:46am
Your full of it. The difficulty of the trick is VERY important. A lot of tricks look great on the video but are too difficult to perform. It is important to know the amount of slights and their difficulty BEFORE spending the money. This is a beautiful effect BUT if it is too difficult for me it is worthless for me.

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May 07th 2016 2:39pm
But, difficulty is subjective. You can't just say the trick is hard because what's hard to you may not be hard to someone else that has more skill than you.

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Dec 02nd 2018 8:20am
What a coward! He can’t say his name but talks shit!! Grow up!

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