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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 23rd, 2015
Wow first review!

So once Brandon revealed the secret to this I was very skeptical. I thought, well what if they don't do what I need them to do? After he demonstrated what to look for close up in the instructions, it was crystal clear. I stopped the video at that point and asked a friend to put a coin in one of his hands behind his back. I was able to determine which hand on the first try! This works! I am convinced it works well. Their body naturally does the secret without them even knowing or trying. This is as real as it gets like he says in the demo. You can do this anywhere at any time.

Now be aware it will not work with just anyone but Brandon tells you what to look for in choosing the right spectator and performing conditions. But, you should know, that they are not as demanding as you might think. You should be able to just pick anyone and this will work. I didn't make sure my friend fit the bill nor did I try to adjust the conditions. I just said ok let's try it. And it worked.

The only other thing I will say is all you have to do is stare into their soul and you can determine what they are thinking of.

I will use this all the time!

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Jul 23rd 2015 5:38pm
With Oculus are you able to do other demonstrations other than when they put a coin in their hand and you tell them which hand it is in?

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Jul 25th 2015 11:43pm

Yes. The possibilities are endless with Oculus. Aside from a which hand routine, and divining a playing card, you can essentially have your spectator think of ANY thing that consists of easily manageable quantitative content. Such examples as lists, items in a room/on a table, zodiac signs, and my personal favorite, a thought of person. Hope this answers your question.


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