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> Cut 2.0 LIMITED by Ran Pink

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 24th, 2015
Okay, wow! I got to start working with CUT 2.0 last night and Ran Pink (the creator of T-Rex, and P'ink) has outdone himself.

When you heals, it's like watching computer graphics in a blockbuster 3D film. It's the kind of trick you will do (for yourself) over, and over, and over again just to watch the cut heal. I've been in magic over 20 years and it's one of the most visual illusions I've seen.

You can set it up (set-up is as easy as drawing 2 lines) and be ready to perform it immediately or up to about an hour after. When I watched the video I thought that the cutting implement had to have like a squeeze-bulb full of liquid or something like that. NO.

The method is pretty elegant, but most importantly- there will probably never be a way for you to show audience members a cut healing, in real time, like CUT 2.0. You know when you watch an Avengers movie and Wolverine's cuts just seal up in front of your eyes? That is exactly what the audience sees!!! (And what you will see as well.)

In terms of set-up- on a scale of 1-5: (let's say loops, with their potential to break is a 3, thread-work is a 4, card through window is a 5, and invisible deck is a 1- I'll give CUT 2.0 somewhere around a 2. Not hard. But you can't just pull it out of your pocket immediately and put it back and have it immediately reset.

But if you need to absolutely FREAK your audience out. Scare, shock and them AMAZE them. If you want a trick that makes you look like a superhero (or Jesus) then the tradeoff for the slightest amount of setup is well worth it. This is something you might do once or twice a night (max) while strolling. This is something you will do when you know you need people to think/know you are supernatural. Religions have been started on less incredible things than this effect. In Cut 2.0, you have the dual forces of absolute shock and fear when you realistically cut yourself (I don't see how it could look more real) and then the absolutely ASTOUNDING VISUAL of the wound healing up in real time in front of their eyes with absolutely no cover. It's just inconceivable and when you need to look like you're magic, I know of no way that offers as much punch for as easy of a setup.

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Oct 24th 2015 4:30pm
Thanks , your detailed review helped alot....

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Oct 25th 2015 2:01pm
This trick is garbage had it and it went bad in a few weeks don't waist your money

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Nov 06th 2015 1:58am
Wolverine isn't in the avengers movie.

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Nov 19th 2015 10:50am
Does this version dry out in a couple weeks like the previous version? It's an awful lot of money for a trick that will only work for a couple weeks.

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Nov 21st 2015 4:31pm
I was disappointed with mine. Marker tip is dried out after a day and the ink won't flow properly.
For $15 less from another site I bought a greater effect which you turn fire into a solid ice cube.
It's brilliant!

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Aug 16th 2017 11:04pm
Nemesis757, what is the name of the effect?

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