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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 7th, 2015
This was a lovely lecture, with a good mix of stage effects and close-up/card magic.

First of all, his explanation of the sands of the desert is top notch. He explains how to make this stage effect, and how to make a new one if yours breaks. (His broke before he got there.)

I felt his explanation on the construction of the card sword to be quite thorough, and I like this one in particular because it doesn't have a tendency to "catch" and screw up. That is great alone, but Johnathan went to the next step, and made it an entire performance piece, one that looks as fun as it is dramatic.

He shows you how he applies black arts to his stage props, and explains in a very clear manner how and why these props are made. His improvements to the zombie ball are really quite interesting.

I found his vanishing cage to be really baffling even when he was literally explaining to me how he was doing it.

All-in-All, I thought this was a great lecture! The dramatic deaths of the audience had me in stitches. I really enjoy it when these lectures bring in such theatricality and showmanship.

Jordan Vo

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Dec 07th 2015 9:56am
Does he explained during the sands of the desert how to turn the water black and then clear?
Thanks for your help.

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Dec 07th 2015 11:32am
Goood question!!! But this is something to be known once you purchase the item.
Sorry. Seriously, I recommend this beautiful lecture!

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Dec 07th 2015 5:11pm
This is West — Jonathan is on a plane home right now, but I'll have him check in here when he gets home. But in the meantime, I will answer as best as I can, since I not only saw the lecture but am pretty familiar with his philosophy and process :)
Jonathan does not cover the darkened water in this lecture, primarily because he no longer uses the darkened water. His method, explained here, allows you to have completely clear water throughout the effect, which is not only a stronger presentation, in his opinion, but has the added benefit of not messing your hands up like the chemicals do (since two of them are actually mild acids).
He used to do the water darkening, and if your desired presentation really requires that, he teaches that older version on L&L's CD The Magic of the Pendragons Vol 3, which Penguin also sells. This new lecture is specifically about the version he does now.

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Dec 14th 2015 7:30am
Utherswift, thanks a lot for you help. I really appreciate it!

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