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> Toibox Card To Box System by Jonathan Kamm

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 12th, 2016
It's only January, but I think Toibox will be voted one of the best releases of 2016!

Review: Toibox Card To Box System

This an 80 minute video tutorial by Jonathan Kamm ( Chicago Land area entertainer ). Included in the comprehensive download are 2 complete LIVE performances of Jonathan performing Toibox routines.

Jonathan Kamm, one the world's top sleight of hand artists, has created a deadly utility device with his "Toibox". Amazingly, the small "Altoid" type mint box is un-gimmicked. This means for card magic, ANY brand or color deck can be used and if the situation arose, the deck could be borrowed ( that can happen frequently if you're a hobbyist or at a club meeting/convention ).

Toibox rings all the bells for what makes great magic. It's simple, direct and the audience reactions are those that you see on TV ( minus the stooges ). It's the perfect prop for Professionals working restaurant/banquet/strolling, where pocket management is almost as important as effect. The small mint box is easily carried in pants, jacket or shirt pocket or a vest outer pocket.

Toibox isn't not just for the Pro's and will have great appeal to hobbyists as well. Because they perform mainly for friends, family, co-workers, etc. they may have to put a strong emphasis on their magic being organic ( no odd looking props that will attract undesirable heat ). They may also want to start and finish clean, with everything examinable.

That criteria can eliminate a good deal of great magic for the hobbyist as friends and family often want to examine things when they get fooled badly. If they aren't allowed to, they can be dismissive of the performer's talent and can give the props all the credit. Because Toibox is fully examinable, it passes all those criteria wth flying colors!

Jonathan teaches a Toibox routine called "Reverse" which will appeal to both Pro's and Hobbyists. It's a powerful routine, yet does not use the Mercury fold and the spectator can remove their SIGNED card themselves from the box. It's a reputation maker!

Unlike a gimmicked prop that is dedicated for s specific item ( card, bill, folded paper, etc. ) Topibox is actually a utility device and it's applications can be as varied as your imagination allows ( a hint to mentalists ). Any small item(s) that can fit in the box ( mints, folded cards, bills, dice, billets, pocket change, etc. ) can appear, vanish, teleport and transpose. Jonathan teaches several applications.

Jonathan is also a gifted teacher ( his download on the classic pass has been hailed by Professionals world-wide as groundbreaking ).

In Toibox, Jonathan gives detailed instruction on the Mercury Card fold using a clear block ( Omni Deck ). Learning the Mercury Fold has never been easier. Jonathan also teaches several routines, ideas and sleights, making it a full blown course to make you a Toibox expert!

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Jul 18th 2017 8:01am
Christopher Kavanagh's review, though over a year old, IMHO, happens to be one of the best reviews I have ever read and taken seriously. My years with playing card love date back to the same year Paul Harris's (The Magic of) first book was published.

Coming from a world where 'reading', practice with mirror's, and a trusted friend along with real-time practice was the way, reading reviews like this are much appreciated...

Thank you

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Mar 11th 2018 12:56pm
Was that before Chris got banned at the Cafe? Lol. Welcome to the boards Chris, or I mean hkb.

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