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> POCKET MINDS by Unknown Mentalist

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 2nd, 2016
Alright, first let me say that I bought this card to use in another routine I do. But after getting it I realized it wasn't going to work. So I kinda started out being disappointed-but I was still hopeful.
Secondly I have to say I own all of Paul Carnazzo's Pocket Mentalism Cards. And all of those are far better then this. For one, this card isn't designed as nicely. And I doubt it will last for very long in your everyday wallet.
Thirdly, the description is misleading when it says "Nothing is ever spoken". For at least half the routines the spectator does have to say something....I'll just leave it at that.
Fourthly, the routine involving the 6 shapes would have been so much better, effective and easier for the spectator if it was done w/ the standard 5 ESP symbols. And I would have been able to use that perfectly in the routine I had in mind when I bought this card.
And lastly, I'll say that one (maybe two) of the routines might need a calculator for the spectator.
All in all, I'm disappointed. Not totally worthless, but definitely not a champ. And definitely not for that price.

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Oct 26th 2016 3:08pm
Just got this and have to disagree with the above reviews. I purchased this based on how good "Zodiac Gods" turned to perform and how it was produced.
It is not a good mentalism effect(s). Poorly produced and overpriced. The instructions were hard to read as well with a color clash in the background. The card is not durable, not even plastic like "Zodiac Gods". The effects were very convoluted and not good, direct mentalism. Like going the opposite way round the world, just to cross the street.
The description of the "effects" seemed very difficult for anyone to follow to stay interested in, that one would attempt to present and perform for. For half of the effects the spectator will need a calculator. And a lot of the what is presented is spoken to and from the spectator, unlike in the description.
So many better ones out there for much much less. If this was a $4 direct download it would be different. But for $30.00, no. Paul Carnazzo's pocket mentalism has so much superior merchandise and material for $10. Outlaw Effects has also put out better than this for much less. To name just a few.

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Oct 26th 2016 3:11pm
Robert R from La Habra Ca. You were spot on with your review.

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Oct 26th 2016 3:22pm
Over the last year or so I have purchased several releases by the Unknown Mentalist. One was good, Zodiac Gods. A couple were just ok. Most were just clever looking approaches to mentalism presentations that will not work with the advertised hype in the real world. It doesn't seem like this guy is a working, seasoned pro or even an amateur. Giving away your product to get good reviews from other well known and trusted performers is an overused marketing tactic. And this one has proven successful in doing only that. Getting solicited reviews. The price tag of $30.00 for this farce of a trick is what is most revealing about him now. Buyer beware.

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Jan 05th 2017 2:20am
I totally disagree with the above reviews. They look more like personal attacks on the author rather than balanced reviews by those who actually performed this.

This is always with me and have performed this dozens of times so far. Always get great reactions. Actually, Pocket Minds does more than what is promised in the ad. The routines are easy, effective and fun.

No wonder stalwarts like Richard Osterlind, Mark Salem and others have given this a big thumbs up. Like them, I too highly recommend it.

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Jan 05th 2017 2:28am
Recently, I purchased Kolossal Kisser series of this author. Simply, brilliant. It takes an old concept of Kenton Knepper to a totally new high.

And Worlds Within Words is another fantastic release on progressive anagrams. A new principle Proactive Anagrams explained is probably a game changer in this field.

Overall, extremely impressed with the Unknown Mentalist line of releases.

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