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> 8-Bit Coin Magic by Tom Crosbie

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 4th, 2016
Very visual coin tricks but not easy sleights. For 2 tricks you need to master the timing for the other 2 they use a difficult sleight, at least for me.
It is inexpensive so not a big deal if you want to try, but if I would known the level of skill needed I probably bought a different trick.

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Apr 04th 2016 11:49pm
He says in the demo there is difficult stuff in here. I don't understand your logic.

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Apr 05th 2016 6:06am
In response to kingspade, I appreciate his insight reinforcing that these are indeed difficult. Yes, I heard it in the demo, but I was curious to get an opinion from the perspective of someone who bought it and knew how the tricks were done. To me, this was a helpful comment.

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Apr 06th 2016 9:46am
IMO, the demo itself screams advanced, so I'm surprised you expected anything less.

I've done all of the sleights in this tutorial for many years, so I do not recall the effort required to learn them. That said, once learned great stuff and worth the effort.

The timing to put everything together is what is giving me grief as I practice these now.

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Apr 06th 2016 12:49pm
Yes, this is advanced!
And, yes, "kingspade" is a "tool".
I'll be here all week...don't forget to tip your waitress'

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Apr 07th 2016 4:47am
Last time I checked great magic was never "easy" but we know that today's generation are lazy and expect every trick to be self-working, self-contained, fully examinable, and they want all the credit as well. I am glad I am from the old school of magic where practicing hard stuff is considered the norm and is what makes one a great magician not simply a monkey going through moves with no skill, presentation, showmanship or patter and merely doing "puzzles" for people.

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