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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 23rd, 2016
I usually don't review products since satisfaction is a somewhat subjective matter. However, I purchased this item and right out of the box it is defective. Out of 50 vanishes it only functioned correctly 7 times. Those were the ones I counted out many more this afternoon. The ring gets hung up no matter where I place it. I'll be contacting penguin customer service first thing Monday morning. It;s a shame because you can tell it extremely well made and designed. If it would work right all of the time it would be well worth the price. J.

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Apr 25th 2016 6:14pm
Did you find out what was the problem?

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Apr 26th 2016 9:46pm
I am planing to get one next week. But if this is the case I have to reconsider buying it or not. Shipping back from India is really a big headache. I know penguin would take the return though. Let me know if your problem got solved

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Apr 29th 2016 8:44pm
I haven't found out what the problem was but Penguin has graciously offered to exchange my box for another. I know other magicians that bought the box and it works 100% of the time beautifully. I think it was just a fluke and from comments from other places 99% of these boxes sold work as described. John

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May 01st 2016 12:11am
Thanks for replying and good luck.

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Dec 23rd 2016 9:53am
My ring box seemed to work fine out of the box, but eventually started failing consistently 75% of the time! I found myself having to close the lid 2-3x before the ring actually disappeared. I then discovered what has been a fail-proof solution. The lid naturally snaps shut quickly, especially when you close it with 1 hand. Without divulging anything, let's just say that this is the problem. The upper box lid hit's the ring with such force that unless it's positioned perfectly, it actually prevents it from doing it's dirty work much of the time. THE KEY IS TO SHUT THE LID SLOWLY with the box tilted slightly forward so the spectator can't see what's happening - even though they won't be looking for anything. When I closed the lid slowly, it worked for me every single time (20 times in a row to be exact). Just be sure to center the ring and make sure it's firmly in place half way down. If you think about it, closing the lid slowly actually looks less suspicious then having it make a loud snap sound. And the beauty of the design is that it's completely silent when executed this way. Please let me know if this solves your issues everyone! Good luck.

- Gary

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Dec 23rd 2016 11:05am
One thing I should add regarding my last posting. My solution and feedback was based solely on using the training ring that came with the box. The training ring is supposed to be the largest size ring you would ever want to use to ensure proper operation. So if you borrow any rings that are smaller or thinner than the training ring, it will likely work much more consistently even when the lid is closed firmly rather than slowly.

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